Our visit to Kiddicare

Yesterday Tom, Harry and I took an hour long trip to Nottingham to a shopping complex. I say shopping complex because that’s what we went for THE WHOLE SHOPPING COMPLEX, but we made the mistake of starting in Kiddicare. We didn’t actually go in any other shop. We just spent the whole day in Kiddicare 🙂

This is a blog about our day in Kiddicare.


First of all we walked in and said “wow”. It was very impressive. Its bright, colourful, welcoming and fun. Firstly we walked around having a look, then we got a shopping trolley and walked around again, this time picking up items we wanted (we didn’t actually go wanting to purchase anything). We picked up socket covers, stair gate and baby monitors. By then it was lunchtime so we found a seat and ordered. Tom and I had a drink and cakes (naughty) and harry had a child’s meal. I thought the child meals were very good. It was £3.00 and that included Spaghetti Bolognese (or sandwich, cheesy pasta and cant remember if there was anything else) a drink and 3 snacks (yogurt, jelly, fruit bag, crisps, chocolate and a couple of other pieces)








The Spaghetti Bolognese was lovely. Next time we go, were all having a kids meal! 🙂 Just to add There was lots of space, it was clean, plenty of high chairs and friendly, helpful staff.

After lunch we asked a member of staff for help (really wish I could remember her name) with looking at playpens. She was really helpful and friendly. And Harry liked her a lot because he waved at her for the very first time! We had a good chat with her about Harry’s development, our older children etc, she was lovely. We said thank you and set off looking at more playpens and when we had finally chosen one (harry loved it and it is very versatile)








The same lady came past us again and we asked about the machines in store where we can order the playpen and pick it up and she said before we order it, she would check that one was definitely in stock. She went off and came back 5 minutes later with our chosen playpen 🙂 She was so helpful. We then had to pay and leave because we needed to be back for the older two coming back from school. But honestly, I probably would of spent another hour or so in there or even shopped in other shops hehe.

I also liked that all staff were friendly and helpful, we got asked a few times if we needed help, but were not swapped with it which is something I hate. We also tried out the toilets and changing facilities, which again were clean, bright, spacious and all around lovely. We will definitely be visiting again. Highly recommend 🙂


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