Our week in Devon

Last week was the first week of our holidays so we headed to Devon for a haven holiday. We used to do Haven holidays all the time when the older two were much younger but have not been for years because the older two got a bit bored with them as they got older so we started to explore different places. Anyone because Harry is almost 3 we thought it would be a nice age to take him and because there is more than there used to be we thought the older two might enjoy it again.

Well we were right, all 3 absolutely loved it! We had a caravan that overlooked the sea which was beautiful. Harry was a good age in that he loved to watch the characters do their shows but when they got a bit closer he just had a really funny nervous laughter. He didn’t cry though šŸ™‚

We only went Monday to Friday so we made everyday jam packed! We only went out to the show for 2 evenings though because being pregnant, I needed some rests.

Here’s a few photos from our trip…

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