Ozeri CardioTech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review


Since giving birth to Harry I have suffered from hypertension (high blood pressure) and am taking Ramipril tablets that I will be on for the rest of my life.

I have to go to the doctors for regular blood tests and checks to monitor my blood pressure. My doctor has advised that it may be a good idea to get a home blood pressure monitor so I can keep a check on it at home and it would save me going to the doctors so often.

So when the opportunity to review one came up, I snapped it up.

Honestly (believe me Iv’e tried) I can’t find any negatives.

The positives are…..

1) It comes in a small grey box (so I can keep it in my handbag and check when I need to)



2) It is a wrist monitor (No more uncomfortable arm cuffs)



3) It has an Automatic color-coded hypertension indicator which means it lights either green, orange and red to indicate whether its normal, prehypertension or hypertension. (no more checking Google to see)


The photo doesn’t do it justice. The colors are really bright and vibrant.


4) Its easy to use. Literally all the buttons have written on them what they are so really you cant go wrong

5) It can store up to 80 readings (40 readings x 2 users) so I can just take it to me doctor and he can look through it, no need to write them all down

6) Its great for the whole family. Myself, OH, Teen and Tween have all used it.




Here is a brief description


  • Portable, accurate, and simple-to-use wrist cuff design with clinically proven technology.
  • Advanced Color-coded Hypertension Indicator that color codes the Systolic and Diastolic readings according to green (normal), orange (prehypertension) and red (hypertension) levels.
  • Stores 80 blood pressure readings (40 x 2 users) with date and time recordings.
  • New MWI (Measure While Inflate) technology automatically inflates to the appropriate level (no adjustments required) while reducing measurement time.
  • Automatic irregular hearbeat (Arrhythmia) detection and new push-button access to averaged blood pressure readings.




And if you would like one too then here is the Link


This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this item to review but all words and opinions are my own. 

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