My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Getting Comfy with Femme Luxe

When it comes to this time of year my daughter loves nothing more than dressing up and looking amazing. But she also loves to be comfy too. No one wants to look good but not enjoy the day/night out because you’re uncomfortable (we’ve all been there). That’s where Femme Luxe come in. Courtney has picked out some great items that mix style and comfort. Perfect combo!

She ordered;

White One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress – Dylan

Camel Crop Loungewear Set – Deanna

Red Strappy Wide Leg Jumpsuit – Mazie

Khaki Crop Loungewear Set – Deanna

First up the one shoulder midi dress. She looks absolutely stunning. It fits her figure perfectly and she says it’s one of the comfiest dresses she’s ever worn. Great for a night out! And because it’s white you could dress it up with any colour you want! I like how it can be dressed up with heels and a bag or dressed down with trainers/flats and a jacket. Really versatile.

Next up was the jumpsuit. This was my favourite item on her. It suits her so well! She said it’s really comfy and stretchy too which makes it easy to move in. It’s a little long but will be perfect with some heels. And the colour is lovely and bright. Perfect for those Christmas parties.

Then she ordered two crop loungewear sets. In both camel and khaki. Both exactly the same style but she’s styled them styled different. She has lived in these sets since receiving them because they’re so comfy. They’re perfect for relaxing around the house but nice enough to pop some trainers and coat on and go out shopping.

All these outfits will last her for years and I can see her wearing them time and time again. The site has such a great range of clothes that she has seen even more items she has her eyes on.

Have you taken a look on the site? What’s your favourite item?

*we were given these items for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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Twisty Petz Series 3 Review

Jack loves anything unicorn or anything classed as ‘girlie’ so when we were asked of we’d like to review some items from the new series of Twisty Petz I instantly said yes! I’m actually going to save these for his birthday in January but I can already picture his face when he opens them.

First up is the Twisty Petz Cuddlez in unicorn. One thing I love in a toy is when it’s more than one thing and this lives up to that. Not only is it the cutest, softest teddy, it also doubles as a snuggly scarf! How cool is that? I can see Jack wanting to carry this around all the time. And how cute is the name snowpuff unicorn?

We also received this double pack. And again you can also double these up as bracelets. Great idea! I love the names too. We have bling-balm turtle which has a lip balm included (which he loves) and glitzerella pony. He is going to go mad for these! I like that each pack has a surprise one inside too because that makes it extra exciting!

And as a bonus, they’re collectible! And all kids love a collectible. Any of these would make Christmas gifts or stocking fillers.

*we were sent these in exchange for a review but all words are honest and my own.

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Saving Money with Pine Advisors


Now I don’t claim to be a savings expert, in fact until recently I was pretty rubbish.

But I’ve read blog post on the different ways to save money and some have worked for me and some haven’t. So I thought I would blog about what’s working for us and what we are doing and then hopefully it will inspire/ be relevant/ help someone else.

  1. Firstly we have cut down our virgin subscription. We were paying a ridiculous amount for channels that we were not really using. Plus when I called them they discounted some of it so that was even better.
  2. We have started to shop at Aldi. We have saved £40 a week by shopping there. The food lasts longer and a lot of it tastes the same as more expensive brands, but half the price.
  3. We have cut out the takeaways. I worked out roughly how much we had spent on takeaways and meals out in a year and the result was shocking! We tried cutting them out completely but that didn’t work because if you can’t have it, you want it all the more 🙂 What;s worked for us is writing in my diary say 1 to 2 takeaway nights a month. That way we are still getting a treat but within reason.
  4. Using quidco you can earn cashback on all your purchases, like breakdown, car insurance, clothes, food, betting sites, everything. It’s a brilliant website.
  5. Online survey websites like Valued opinions They don’t get me huge amounts but every little helps. I save mine up to get amazon vouchers to get down my huge wish list 🙂
  6. Doing a expenditures spreadsheet every month. Not every month is the same for us because sometimes we will have a school trip, car tax etc so if we do it monthly we know exactly where we stand and don’t go over budget
  7. Shop weekly and meal plan. I used to write down my meals and take a shopping list but Iv’e changed that slightly. I do still take a list of things we have ran out of or still have but we decide the dinners when we are there because we look at what’s on offer or what we fancy that week.
  8. Taking a calculator shopping has helped us loads. We have a budget that we have to stick to so we start to see it as a bit of a challenge getting it under budget 🙂
  9. We have a monthly allowance of £100 to spend on treats, shopping trips, school items etc. We take the money out of the bank and then we don’t touch the bank card again. That has saved us a lot because using your card all the time, you don’t realize how much you’re actually spending.

If you need a little more help, head over to Pine Advisors who have some great advice.

Do you save money? Do you have any tips? Please do comment if you do I love to hear your advice.

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Christmas Ready with Femme Luxe

At this time of year all the parties and meals out invites come flooding in. Not for me much anymore because my diary is full of nativities and visits to Santa with the younger two but my daughter is at the perfect age to get all the invites and have an amazing social life. But with that comes the need for lots of lovely new outfits! The people at Femme Luxe got in touch and asked if we’d like to work with them and when I mentioned it to her, her eyes almost popped out of her head! And it didn’t take long to start ordering some items because she had already been looking on the site and picked things she liked (virtually the entire site)

We eventually ordered;

Black Chain Print Belted Satin Shirt Mini Dress

Camel Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

Black Loungewear Tracksuit Set-Maria

Black Faux Leather Bodycon Mini Dress – Jameie

Everyone needs a little black dress (LBD) in their wardrobe whatever the time of year. It’s a perfect go-to outfit when you’re unsure and looks good with any accessories you have. Courtney found this perfect one which she looks amazing in!

And for those meals out when you want to look amazing but not too overdressed and obviously it needs to be comfy for all the food you’re about to consume. If you don’t say “f**k it it’s Christmas” at least once, then you’re not doing Christmas properly! Courtney picked this lovely satin shirt style dress. Really on trend but comfortable. Again she looks amazing!

And because she’s clever, she also chose a lovely tracksuit for those days when you don’t quite feel yourself after a few too many drinks or a little too much of “f**k it it’s Christmas” or a day when you actually don’t have anything on and you want to relax at home wrapping presents. She even made the tracksuit look great!

And as it is winter she obviously needed a coat to wear with all these outfits because as much as you don’t feel the cold after a few drinks, your body will and no one wants to get ill in the run up to Christmas. They had a great selection but she decided on this camel colour, waterfall style long coat. It’s such a classic style and goes with everything!

I think she looks great in all of the items but as Courtney has to wear them she is better placed to give you her opinion. So I’ve added Courtney’s thoughts on each item below.

Black Faux Leather Bodycon Mini Dress – Jameie

“I love this dress. It fits my body perfectly and is so soft and comfortable. It’s actually quite stretchy but doesn’t look it”

Black Chain Print Belted Satin Shirt Mini Dress – Rio

“This is the comfiest dress I have ever worn. I love the pattern and the style. And how I can cinch it in at the waist for a more flattering look. It’s definitely my favourite”

Black Loungewear Tracksuit Set-Maria

“This tracksuit is so so soft and comfortable. When it first arrived it looked super see through but as you can see, it isn’t. I am now going to live in it”

Camel Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

“I love this coat! I can’t normally get away with long coats being so small but this is the perfect length. And as a plus, it goes with everything!”

Have you visited Femme Luxe lately? What is your favourite party outfit? All the items on the website are on trend, great quality and beat of all, budget friendly prices.

*We were sent this items for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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