Saturday is Caption Day 

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Our Summer Bucket list

So this summer is going to be a busy one for us because we’ve recently moved home, teen is doing/just finished her GCSE’s so there is alot going on but I do want to try and do some things over the summer as a family to let of steam and make memories. I thought if I compile a list here, it’s something I can keep coming back to when we’re unsure what to do.

  1. Eat fish and chips on a beach
  2. Go for a picnic
  3. Make homemade ice cream
  4. Feed the ducks
  5. Have a water fight
  6. Go strawberry picking
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Have a bbq
  9. Go bird watching
  10. Do some science experiments
  11. Go on a bug hunt
  12. Draw on the pavement with chalk
  13. Watch a carnival
  14. Go on a road trip
  15. Have at least one big day out


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Silent Sunday 

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A house update! 

As you may have read in my previous post, we were moving home. I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s happening.

Well we’re now in and have been for a week and a half.

We moved in to an almost shell. It has a bathroom and kitchen but no flooring, all the walls needed decorating and it smelt of smoke. Nice!

There is still lots to be done obviously but I think we’ve done so much in that week and a half. We have flooring downstairs and our bedroom. We’ve gone for laminate downstairs and carpet in our room.

Our bedroom has been stripped, teen daughters room has been painted (by herself), downstairs has been painted, we’ve half painted our room, front room is being stripped and will be wallpapered in the next couple of days.

Everywhere had a massive clean before we moved in and windows were left open and candles burnt which got rid of the smell a little but since we’ve started stripping wallpaper and painting, the smell has completely gone.

It was a big job when we moved in and it still is a big job but honestly, I love it. I love that we’re putting our own stamp on it and it’s exactly how we want it.

I’m waiting for some new furniture to be delivered and then I will start doing some blog posts of our rooms as they’re finished. First will be living room and our bedroom.

It’s feeling very much like home now and we’re so happy.

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 Helping your child through GCSE’s 

My daughter has started her GCSE’s now and so far, thankfully she seems to be finding them OK. 

Before her GCSE’s started she was extremely stressed and worried about them. Overall the biggest thing that helped her was getting the first one done and realising they’re not as scary as she thought, but there are some things we found have helped too. 

  1. Getting her up early (not ridiculous) so she’s had time to get ready and have breakfast, no rushing. 
  2. Packing a good packed lunch. If I don’t pack her something, she will just take a chocolate bar and crisps.
  3. Making sure she takes a drink to school. 
  4. Giving her time to revise. We’ve still given her the odd chore but not as much as usual (not that it’s a lot anyway) 
  5. Also giving her something else to do like going out for a meal, watching a movie, going for a walk. She does need time to revise but it doesn’t help to just revise. 
  6. Good meals in the afternoon and plenty of healthy snacks throughout the day. 
  7. Having a treat (can just be a chocolate bar) at the end of every exam day.
  8. No pressure. Just keep reminding them to do their best and that you will be proud regardless. 

So that’s it! It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds. Hormonal, stressed teenagers are not the easiest of things to deal with, but just remember it’s not for long. 

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is Caption Day 

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Moving House!

After months and months (not going to go into that now) of total stress we are finally moving house!

We got the keys yesterday. Our plan is to do some glossing and putting down flooring (downstairs) today, more of the same friday and then moving everything on Saturday and living there thereafter. 

This is a very exciting big change for us. It’s about 40 mins from where we currently live so Harry will need to move schools, which he is very nervous about but is coming around to the idea the more we talk about it. We will still commute for the last 6 or so weeks of school and then get him into his new school at the start of year one. 

So this post is mostly to update you what will be happening over the next few weeks. So I will try and keep posts coming as often as I can but I won’t be as active on social media as I usually am because we won’t have internet in the new house until the 30th. I will be popping around to my dads every now and again to check up with everyone but not as much as now. 

But when I’m back to normal expect lots of interior posts because the house is totally stripped back at the moment ready for us to put our own stamp on it. 

I can’t wait! 

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