How to teach your child math.

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Summer Holidays Bucket List

So the kids have finally finished school for the holidays. And now comes the challenge of trying to keep them happy for 6 weeks. The last 2 weeks have been busy with things we had organised but now I’m starting to panic so I thought I’d compile a list to keep going back to.

    Bake and decorate cakes
    Go for a picnic in the park
    Have a water fight
    Build a fort in the garden
    Go on a bike ride
    Play board games
    Have a talent show
    Play restaurants
    Do some science experiments
    Make a bird feeder
    Use chalk on the patio
    Have a bbq
    Have a sports day in the garden
    Visit the library
    Home cinema
    Fly a kite
    Fruit picking
    Go for a long walk
    Find geocaches
    Play hide and seek
    Go on a nature hunt
    Bug hunt
    Make pizzas
    Have a puppet show
    Make a fruit salad
    Find a new park
    Go swimming
    Have a toy car wash
    Wash daddy’s car

Anything you can think to add to the list?

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Now you’re 6!

My beautiful kind hearted, freckle nosed little boy. You can drive us insane with your naughtiness at times but you equally fill our hearts with how gentle and kind you are.

You are so behaved at school and have a real love for learning.

You love to climb, draw and write, dig in the garden, cuddle and watch films and listen to stories.

You recently learn to ride your bike with no stabilisers, it only took you 10 minutes and now there’s no stopping you.

You make us laugh on a daily basis with your funny antics. You have a wonderful personality.

You are very kind and always look out for others. You have lots of friends at school.

You can be very shy at first but then soon show your bright personality and people fall in love with you.

We couldn’t imagine life without you now xx

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Silent Sunday

Happy 6th Birthday Harry

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Weight watchers journey – Week 14

Weight – 2lb gain

Points – minus but didn’t track everything

Feeling – I ate so bad this week. We had a couple of takeaways and we went to my sisters for two nights (in a hotel) and Blackpool for a day so I had fish and chips too. Also lots of sweets so I’m surprised it’s not more than 2lb. On it again this week!

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A Weekend at my Sisters

I say weekend but it was actually Sunday to Tuesday. We don’t have any holidays planned for this year so we’re making the most of the days out and we thought a couple of nights away would be that little extra that just days out. Also we got to see family which made it even better.

We spent Sunday at my nieces house seeing my little great nephew and then onto my sisters so see my other nieces and nephews.

Monday we spent the day in Blackpool with my niece and great nephew. We started with Madame Tussauds and then walking around the arcades and shops.

Tuesday we spend time with my sisters before heading home.

The kids loved seeing family and the day out but I think their biggest highlight was the hotel, they loved it!

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How to choose the right nursery

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Soundiculous game review

Soundiculous is the game of ridiculous sounds that asks you to beep, cheep, grunt, howl and laugh your way to glory! It is a brand new game from the creators of the crazy popular family party game Randomise. Soundiculous takes Charades and flip it, so instead of miming you can make as much noise as you like – but that’s all you can do. The aim of the game is simple – get the most points by making ridiculous sounds and guessing what ridiculous sounds other players are making. Sounds range from nice and easy (monkey, train, eating) through to medium (didgeridoo, roller coaster, electric shock) to the truly challenging hard (wrestling, scuba diving, woodpecker!). You can’t say any words when making sounds and you must sit on your hands (so that you can’t make any gestures). Soundiculous takes just two minutes to learn and will have everyone in stitches as you realise that what you can hear quite clearly in your mind, can come out of your mouth quite differently!

As soon as I was asked if I’d like to try this game out, I instantly said yes because it sounds hilarious and I thought it would be a perfect game to play as a family over the summer holidays.

The game is for ages 8+ and I would agree with that. But Harry wanted to join in so for him we just picked the easy ones out and he loved it.

It’s just a great game and because it’s so small it can be taken around easily. I plan to take it to my sisters when we visit and days out when we’re having a picnic.

It’s so funny and a lot harder than you think.

The game is available on Amazon.

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Silent Sunday

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