A day at Tropical Birdland in Desford

A few weeks ago we had a day out at Tropical Birdland in Desford. We’ve been a couple of times now and really enjoy it. It’s really well priced and is one of those places that you can take hours to get around or fairly quickly.

At the entrance they have bags of food to feed the animals and I highly recommend you buy one (they’re about £1) because the kids loved feeding them and actually so did me and Tom.

They have;

  • Parrot path
  • Large play area
  • The chick room
  • Walk through aviaries
  • Goats
  • Woodland walk
  • Cafe
  • Gift shop

So lots to keep the kids entertained.

Here are a few photos from our day.

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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My Weight Watchers Journey – Week 5

Weight – 1lb loss

Points – 0 points left

Feeling – I’ve had a mixture this week. I’ve either been really good or really bad (still within points bad though). My exercise has been terrible because it’s half term so I haven’t had the daily school runs. So I’m definitely happy with some loss as I didn’t expect it.

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Top Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer

As the warmer months are now approaching, many people begin to think about holidays, seaside getaways, spending time in the garden and getting out and about, enjoying the sunny weather. Of course, while many of us may be more active at this time of year, there are certain other pitfalls that the season can bring. An influx of picnics, barbecues and traditional seaside favourites may seem appealing, but this lack of healthy food can potentially be problematic.

However, this isn’t a reason not to enjoy the summer and make the most of the season – instead, you should just look to try and maintain your healthy habits and keep fit and well throughout the warmer months.

Here are some top tips to help you continue to look and feel your best this summer!

Sun Safety

Although the great British weather can often mistake sun for rain, the chances are that there will be at least a few nice days over the coming months. Similarly, if you are heading abroad in search of a warmer climate, it’s important to make sure that you are fully prepared.

No matter how long you are intending to be out or how adamant you may be that you don’t burn, make sure to slap on the sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun’s rays. After all, the momentary stickiness is a small price to pay for protection from potentially painful, damaging sunburn. Don’t forget to regularly reapply if you are at the beach or outdoors for extended periods of time! In addition, loose clothes, a sun hat and sunglasses are must-have essentials for those hot summer days.

Healthy Choices

While comfort food is all the rage in winter, come summer, we see an influx of salads, cold drinks and a craving for fresh produce and lighter meal choices. However, this can often go together with desires for less healthy food such as ice-cream, fizzy drinks, sweet and sugary treats and fried food. Although you shouldn’t need to completely cut these from your summer diet, it’s still important to maintain a good balance and make healthy choices where you can.

If you are feeling thirsty this summer, you should always opt for a glass of water over sugary fruit juices or fizzy drinks. Not only will it refresh you, but you will also stay hydrated for longer – a must in the sun! Try to take a refillable water bottle with you whenever you are out and about so you always have a cooling drink on hand.


Whether it is making time for hobbies, participating in personal development or simply embracing your faith, well-being can come in many different forms yet is incredibly important to your overall health and happiness. No matter how busy your summer schedule is looking, you should always leave time for yourself and allow yourself to indulge in the things that you want to do, rather than what you feel obligated to do.

For instance, Ramadan this year is at the start of summer, continuing from mid-May to mid-June. During this time, many Muslims across the world will be fasting during daylight hours and spending more time praying and remembering the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. When you are completing a fast, it is imperative to ensure that your body is well looked after and able to cope with the fast – click here to learn more about Ramadan and the details of the fast.

From holidays and days out to picnics, parties and more, no matter what you have planned this summer, make it an extra special one without compromising on your health and wellbeing.

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Getting Creative with Gel-A-Peel

Gel-a-Peel allows you to express yourself through your own designer creations! Create fashionable jewelry and lifestyle accessories in so many colors!

Design and create your own fashionable accessories with Gel-a-Peel! It’s so easy and fun! Use the gel color tube to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and your creations are ready to wear! Make over 20 sparkly bracelets to wear or share with your friends! This Gel-a-Peel Starter Kit has everything you need to design and create your own bracelets and cuffs. Design. Peel. Wear & Share! That is one option or you can maybe venture out a little more. We were recently sent some Gel-a-peel along with a water bottle and a tote bag to see if we could get creative.

As you can see we are not the most artistic but we had lots of fun and both of the items we decorated are practical and can/will be used. We still have some Gel-a-peel left so we’re thinking of what else we can design. Maybe some clothing?

What would you design?


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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Weight Watchers Journey – Week 4

Weight – 2lb gain

Points – 0 weekly points left

Feeling – So this week I was a little naughty with my food. I was within my points but with a lot of the wrong stuff. Basically really low on points with my meals, then ate rubbish with my points. Also I’ve had a few problems with going to the loo which has made me very bunged up so I’m trying to not be too disheartened with the gain. I’m back on it now and hoping for a loss next week.

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Giveaway and Review of CanvasChamp

I was recently asked if I’d like to review a canvas from CanvasChamp and as I love to fill my home with lots of photos, I instantly accepted.

A little about CanvasChamp-

We are CanvasChamp the leading canvas prints; Custom Canvas Prints, Personalised Photo Canvas Prints, Metal & Framed prints retailer and distributor in United Kingdom. We are London based company and our website is Google trusted. We are reputed organization as we are having large customers across the UK. We have more than 21000 customers’ positive ratings & reviews of our products and services. We have shipped 1m products and more counting, 94% users recommend us.

When I first went on the website the first thing I noticed were the prices. I was amazed at how low they were but then I started to worry that my review was going to be a bad one because surely the quality would be rubbish for such a low price.

But when it came I was pleasantly surprised. It’s so nice and really good quality. I will definitely be purchasing more.

The colour is amazing!

And it was so easy to create my canvas. I did it all on my phone and it took just a few minutes.

How would you like to win yourself an 10×8 canvas? All you have to do is enter my simple giveaway on Instagram, Good luck!

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