Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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How To Make A Clinical Negligence Claim For A Child

Making a clinical negligence claim for a child can at first seem confusing. However, Thompsons Solicitors has supported hundreds of children and families through the compensation process and can help you when pursuing a clinical negligence claim on behalf of a child.

Children (anyone under the age of 18) are too young to make a claim for themselves in court. However, an adult can make a medical negligence claim for a child who has suffered, or been injured, as a result of neglectful or inappropriate medical treatment.

To make a compensation claim, your solicitor will need to establish how the standard of care that your child received fell below reasonable expectations, whether this is linked to your child’s injuries and the level of compensation that will be required to help them sustain as independent a life as possible. The time-limit for starting a claim is three years from when the child turns 18.

In cases where a child’s injury is so severe that doctors are unable to predict the long-term consequences, interim payments can be pursued rather than a finalised claim. Interim payments can act as a vital source of funding, which can help with the costs of rehabilitation and ongoing treatment bills.

Thompsons Solicitors attain Court Approval before settling medical negligence claims for babies and children. This means that the Judge approves the amount of compensation that will be received, regardless of whether those responsible admit liability.

The compensation is then placed in a Special Investment Account which the child can access when they turn 18. If there are compelling reasons to do so, some of the funds may be released by the court beforehand.

*Written in collaboration with Thompsons solicitors.

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VonShef Waffle Maker

So hands up who got loads of chocolate for Easter? The kids got loads here. I find they dont really enjoy just eating loads of eggs. I mean they love the chocolate but would rather eat it in different forms. So we have decided to test out our new VonShef waffle maker from Domu and make some plain Belgium waffles to drizzle some Easter chocolates onto 🙂



2 eggs

250g plain flour

415ml milk

120ml vegetable oil

1 tablespoon sugar

4 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Beat eggs in large bowl with hand beater until fluffy. Beat in flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla, just until smooth.

Simple! I love how easy the waffle make was to use

I just had to whip up my batter mixture, turn on the waffle iron, wait for indicator light to switch off, pour the mixture onto the plates and let the automatic temperature control take care of the rest.

If you like waffles a darker shade of brown and crispier on the outside, just leave them in for slightly longer – otherwise a few minutes is all it takes for gorgeously fluffy waffles.

Some other great features are;

Non-stick Plates

Designed for quick and easy clean up, the Belgian Waffle maker’s plates feature a non-stick coating. This not only prevents sticking, allowing your waffles to effortlessly slide out in one piece, but the grids can also be easily wiped clean using just a damp cloth.

Stylish, Compact & Practical

Designed with style and practicality in mind, the waffle maker’s contemporary looks and compact size would be a great addition to any kitchen worktop. Plus, the power cord wraps neatly around the body of the machine to save space, making storage easy.

Intuitively designed, the cool touch handle will protect your fingers from the heat of the appliance, so you can comfortably check on the progress of your waffles while they’re cooking.

What’s your favourite topping on a waffle?

*We were sent a waffle maker in return for a review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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Old English Co Giveaway!

The Old English Company are a stationery and homeware brand creating beautiful, hand lettered products.

First established in London, their studios are now located in the beautiful town of Stamford.

The art is in the simplicity of their designs. Following no particular calligraphy rules, all of their products are uniquely hand lettered to create stylish, uncomplicated designs with messages that resonate with people.

All of their products are proudly made in England.

Photo from Old English Co

I love their products and literally could spend a fortune on their site. I mean who doesn’t love stationery? It’s just so gorgeous! You can definitely not have too much stationery 🙂

And up now on their site to celebrate World Stationery Day on the 25th April is a fantastic giveaway to win a beautiful set of planners

Photo from Old English Co

How lovely are they? To be in with a chance of winning just follow this link and enter, it’s really simple!

They will be picking a winner at random on the 26th April. Good luck!

*I was gifted a voucher in return for sharing the giveaway. All photos are the property of Old English Co.

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Ozeri Ultra Thin Digital Kitchen Scale Giveway

  • One of thinnest on the market, the Ozeri Ultra Thin Digital Kitchen Scale is only 11mm thick — less than half an inch.
    Features 4 high precision sensors, the Ozeri Ultra Thin Digital Scale provides accurate measurements from 0.05 oz to 11 lbs, or 1 gram to 5250 grams.
    Equipped with 2 oversized buttons for easy operation, and a large LCD screen that displays weights in pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces, — lbs, kg, g, and oz.
    Includes a Precision Tare feature that calculates the net weight of the ingredients by automatically subtracting the container weight to calculate the weight of the ingredients being weighed.
    Easy to clean stainless steel surface. Includes 2 Lithium Batteries and an Easy Access Battery Compartment — no screwdriver needed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Happy Easter

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with chocolate 🙂 

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Our bedroom makeover

As you know we recently moved home. When we moved in almost everything needed doing. We’re slowly getting there and as we do each room I’m going to share them with you.

First room to be done is our bedroom. We’ve almost done the living room too.

We did our bedroom first because we needed new wardrobes (we had built in ones in the old house) so we thought it would be silly to put in a wardrobe (as you will see I ordered a massive one) just to take it down and decorate. Especially when we had over a week before the wardrobe was delivered. Also the nicotine stained walls were not the healthiest for Jack.

Anyway, it started like this…..

And now it looks like this……

We’ve still got to gloss the skirting boards and Tom’s wardrobe door (it’s a built in wardrobe and yes, all of that double wardrobe is mine)

The other side of the room still has Jack’s cot in it but when he moves in with Harry, I will show you what we do with that area. I’m still not sure yet. Any ideas?

I love my dressing table! I’ve always wanted one but never had the room before.

I’m so happy with it! It just feels so relaxing. Which is a must when you have 4 children 🙂

A good place to find the right bedding are at Groupon, some great bargains!

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BeMyBear Review

We were recently asked if Harry and Jack would like to review a BeMyBear each. Of course they said yes so we went on their site and had a look at their selection. There were so many to choose from it was a really hard decision. Harry picked the Husky Dog and Jack chose the Cuddle Bear. The kits are actually for ages 3+ so Jack only being two is too little but he was adamant he wanted the same as his brother and I know he wouldn’t have been happy with the pre stuffed bears they have for younger ones.

I’m glad that he wanted the same as his brother to be honest because I got to have a go at making one and he enjoyed joining in a little.

In the kits you get;

  • Unstuffed teddies
  • Stuffing
  • Star Charm
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passports
  • Box
  • Instructions

I love how the instructions are just 6 easy steps, it made it more enjoyable and easier to follow. First we had to take the stuffing out of the bag and fluff it up. This part was super fun

Next is the stuffing. Tom and I started by stuffing the arms and legs but then we let the boys take over with the rest.

Excuse the mess and blur, Tom needs to work on his photography.

Next comes the sweetest bit. We needed to hold our star charms which have different words on (Harry’s had courage and Jack had kindness) and make a special wish before putting them inside the teddies near the chest.

When that is all done they have a one way zip (brilliant idea) and a Velcro closing to be extra secure.

When the boys had finished cuddling

We let the boys name them and I wrote their birth certificates.

Harry naming his Darry (because it rhymes with Harry, obvs) and Jack going with the name Teddy.

Harry wrote both Harry and Jack.

We love these and would definitely recommend them. They would make a great, reasonably priced activity for half term.


*We were given these kits for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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Alternative gifts for Easter

Because I have four children, when Easter comes around we get so much chocolate, it’s ridiculous. And we’ve usually got some from Christmas left over too so it’s even more.

I like to hint that we’d maybe prefer non chocolate items but I think people just find it easier to get what is in shops and don’t know what else they could buy. So I thought I would write the things I would like the kids to receive to give you an idea.

  1. Clothes. I find spring is around the time the kids need some new clothes because they don’t really need their summer clothes yet and they are too hot in winter clothes. Also kids always need new clothes.
  2. Items for the garden. Like a gardening set, some seeds and the item to plant them or maybe a garden toy that will be useful in the coming months.
  3. Books. Books are always welcome in my house, the kids have tons. Maybe some Easter based stories.
  4. Craft kits, again maybe Easter themed.
  5. Toys. Now after Christmas most parents are sick of seeing toys but I think little gifts like wooden toys or small Lego sets are always nice to receive.
  6. Vouchers. This definitely applies to older children that always want new trainers, a new console game etc.
  7. Healthy treats. If you want to go down the more traditional route then maybe spice it up with some sugar free Easter themed sweets. My kids love the ‘sweets’ you find in the baby aisle at the supermarket.


I think that is all I can think of. Do you have anymore ideas?

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