Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Christmas Bucket List

Winter! I love it! I love the colder weather. Its a beautiful season with all the ice and snow (occasionally). And the best of all is Christmas! 🙂
Here’s my bucket list of things I hope to do before New Year…


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Pass the pig giveaway

You’ll be snorting with laughter if you play with these piggy games for Christmas.  The original party animals, Pass the Pigs, use hilarious pigs for dice.

Will you roll a sider or start makin’ bacon? Having fun with friends, on the road entertainment, or just chilling out – the game is on for every pig in the parlour!

Fantastic fun for the whole family, Pass the Pigs is so easy to play. Simply throw the 2 piggies up in the air and see how they land. Compare the pigs landing positions with your scorecard and earn points, the first to 100 wins.

Pass the Pigs comes in a handy travel case, pop into your bag and you are ready for a game anytime, so if you are traveling to see family it’s the perfect entertainment on the go. Pass the Pigs Party are ideal for when you want to play with family and friends at Christmas.

Pass the Pigs  

• Hours of fun are guaranteed with this exciting Pass the Pigs game. Perfect for taking on the road, the Pass the Pigs game comes in a handy travel case, so there’s never a dull moment to be had!

• Pass the Pigs is a game of skill for 2-6 players, it comes with a handy carry case, 2 pencils, 2 pigs and a pocket-sized score card.

• Suitable for ages 3+ and available for £9.99rrp.

Pass the Pigs party

• The version for party animals! Now there are EIGHT pigs in the game to play with. Roll your piggies to try and be first to match the position on your card, get bonus points if you do it on your first go! Be the first to rack up 100 points. £14.99rrp.

o 8 small plastic piggies (four pairs)

o Deck of 30 cards

o Carry case

I have been fortunate to have both games to give away to 2 lucky readers. Just follow the rafflecopter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Slither Toys review

Do your children play games on their devices? All my kids do (apart from Jack) and 2 of them enjoy the same game and that is Slither. Both teen son (15) and Harry (5) love playing it so were super excited to discover that not only do they make toys, but I had some coming in the post!

A huge gaming phenomenon and YouTuberhit. 60% of British 0-14 year olds have downloaded and 124 million games are played a month in the UK. New in the UK, the toys are an instant hit!

Both boys received

  • A cuddly bendable plush
  • bendable 3 pack
  • Mystery mini squishies
  • blind bag collection

Prices vary from £3.99-£10.99 so really reasonable.

Even the nearly two year old has fallen in love with them!

Teen son and Harry couldn’t wait to open them up and see what snakes they got. And I’ve heard phrases like “yeah, this is the one I always play” and “oh I want that one” “want to swap?”

Teen son took them straight upstairs and put them on his shelves and Harry played with his.

They are a big hit in our house so if your child is a fan of the game I would definitely recommend you buy these for Christmas.

*we were sent these toys for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own and honest.

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Beat Bugs Series and Toys

Do you have Netflix? If you do you need to check out this brilliant show. My 5 and almost 2 year old have fallen in love with it and if I’m honest, so have I. Beat Bugs are 5 bugs Crick, Jay, Buzz, Kumi and Walter they live in an overgrown backyard and enjoy fun, music, and adventure. Together with their friends from around the back yard, they+ explore, invent, have fun, and sing. They do often get into mischief, but always get by with courage, creativity and a little help from their friends. And if all that wasn’t enough t pull you in, all the songs they sing are Beatles songs! I grew up listening to The Beatles so it’s definitely a bonus for me. With many children’s shows now, honestly they can be a bit annoying at times (you know the ones) but I actually enjoy watching this one. I love when I sing along to the songs and the kids are amazed that I know all the words before them.

Beat Bugs is shown on Netflix so if you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for? I you’d like a taster of them, you can find them over here. 

As with all good shows, you can also buy merchandise. Beat Bugs is no exception and has some amazing toys which are exclusive to Tesco in the UK. I can say that I know many of these will be on my children’s letter to Santa.

We were sent

 A singing Glowie – £14.99

 Baz Figure – £5.99

Crick toys to life Figure -£29.99

The Crick toy to life is my it favourite of them all. Here’s a little video to show you what it does…

Cool huh? I, I mean the kids would love all five characters now.

*We were given the toys for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own and honest.

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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