Easy Weight Watchers Friendly Stir Fry

Since starting weight watchers I have tried to still stick with eating with the family but sometimes they just really want a meal that is not weight watchers friendly so I looked for something I could make very quickly and tasted great so it wasn’t such a hassle. I discovered chicken stir fry. I love it and could eat it everyday. I haven’t followed any recipes, I just made it up. I don’t claim to be an amazing chef so it may not be to your taste.

  1. Either spray some healthy oil or add a little olive oil (I prefer this) to a wok
  2. Crush/chop some garlic in
  3. Add diced chicken (or any meat) I usually have no meat in because it still tastes nice and is quicker.
  4. Cook until all meat is cooked
  5. Add a bag of stir fry veg (I prefer the Tesco mushroom one)
  6. Just before ready to serve add half a pack of Tesco fresh egg noodles
  7. Add a few tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce (it varies every time)
  8. Serve.

Olive Oil – 2 points

Garlic – 0 points

Chicken – 0 points

Veg – 0 points

Noodles – 6 points

Soy Sauce – 1-2 points

= 9 points or 3 points with no noodles

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Thunderbirds Are Go Mobile App

We were recently asked if we would like to trial play the new Thunderbirds are go mobile app. International Rescue, an official game based on the hugely popular television series. The game is available to download for free on the App Store and on Google Play worldwide. Harry really enjoyed this game. I had to help him read the storyline but the challenges he was able to do alone.

The Thunderbirds Are Go television series, which airs in over 40 markets, follows a family of highly trained responders: brothers John, Virgil, Scott, Alan and Gordon Tracy, as they venture around the world to save those in peril. International Rescue answers the distress call from their secret island base and travels to the target within minutes using their remarkable cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles. The series has attracted a new younger generation of fans while paying homage to the original, ground-breaking original series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson that first launched on screens in 1965.

Aimed at 6-11 year olds, Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue begins with Virgil Tracy in the Arctic after International Rescue receives a distress call from a scientific research base. The game gives fans the opportunity to play as Virgil in a bid to complete life-saving rescues, with support from John Tracy and lead engineer Brains. Granted exclusive access to a range of advanced rescue vehicles, players are tasked with saving the day one mission at a time using their problem-solving skills and creativity.

In true Kuato Studios style, the game combines a fun, adventurous world with exciting activities carefully designed to promote storytelling, literacy and creative development. Kuato’s patented TalesMaker engine allows players to recreate adventures from their Mission Logs throughout the day and then share these stories with family and friends. Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue also includes a dyslexic-friendly font and a controlled gameplay time limit that allows

parents to monitor their child’s game sessions.


● Become the hero and help Virgil Tracy tackle perilous disaster missions

● Fly Thunderbird 2 around the frozen tundra performing daring rescues

● Test your navigational skills as you race to save the day in the Ski Pod

● Use your creativity and problem-solving to hack computer systems and recover top secret items

● Relive your adventures in the Mission Log – choose your words to create your own story and share

with friends and family

● New characters, vehicles and missions coming soon!

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Weight Watchers Journey – Week 22

Weight – 2lb Gain

Points – minus lots

Feeling – I’ve eaten really bad this week so not surprised with the gain. I’m really annoyed with myself for being so bad. Fresh start this week and I’m going to really try hard.

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So Slime DIY Review

Slime! It’s everywhere lately. Harry, like many kids his age loves it! But he does get a bit bored with the little pots after a while. So when I saw that you can now make your own slime, I knew he would want to. We read up on it and honestly it’s not the easiest and you need so many items that are quite expensive. But then we discovered So Slime DIY. It’s so cool and super easy!

How it works;

Pour – Pour the mixture into the mixer. You can add glitter or sprinkles.

Mix – Turn the handle on the mixer and give it a good stir

Surprise – Add a few little surprises that are included like a spider or an eyeball.

And that’s it! Simple yet effective. All you need is water. Everything is included in the box which is a massive tick from parents.

I think this will be a big hit this Christmas (yes I said it)

*I was sent this item for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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POM Safety App

Pom is the first personal safety app that allows you to keep track of your loved one’s safety without compromising their privacy.

Whether it’s letting your kids go out alone, a friend who uses online dating, or a spouse who goes running or cycling alone, you will find a feature or combination of features that will give you peace of mind that they are safe.


  • SafeZones. Receive notifications when loved ones leave an agreed location. What’s unique is that while you are in the Safe zone your location is masked giving you more privacy.

  • SafeGroups. Create a group of loved ones and keep an eye out for each other.  Add your spouse, your kids and friends to view each other’s status.

  • Check-ins. Ask one of your loved ones to check-in on a schedule. You will be notified when they miss a check-in.

  • Safety tips (Coming soon) The newsfeed is updated regularly with articles that will help to keep you and your loved ones safe. Check back regularly to see new articles.

  • Panic Alarm. Activate the Panic button in an emergency situation to alert your loved ones and let them see your location.

  • Inactivity Timer (coming soon) Get alerts when your loved-one’s phone doesn’t move for a pre-agreed time. See their location until they are re-mobilised. Ideal for lone sports or lone workers.

As a parents of four children, two being teenagers I think this is a fantastic app. I love the fact that I can have total peace of mind when my teenagers go out alone but not in a big brother way, watching them all the time. And many of you may say just call them on their phone or text them, ask them to text you. If you did just say that, you clearly don’t have teenagers because if you have teenagers you will know they’re not reliable for informing you where they are.

I also think this app might come in handy with Tom. Because he works nights he is out of the house when most people are in bed. His work is 40 mins drive away so I am always at home worrying if he made it there ok and often he’s too busy to text to let me know so the app will come in perfectly.

If you keep an eye on my social media channels I’m sure I will update how I’m getting on with it on there.

The POM app is available to download now. You can get the first month for free (to see how you get on) and then it’s £2.99 per month thereafter.

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Favourite things about autumn

Oh autumn, how I love thee. Don’t get me wrong there are parts of the summer I enjoy but nothing will ever beat autumn for me.

I just love so much about it.

  • The candles. The autumnal scents are my favourite, especially vanilla.
  • Snuggling on the sofa with blankets, popcorn, hot chocolate and it feeling so cosy.
  • The clothes. I love a dress and tights combo. Also the jumpers, jeans, leggings, boots, scarfs and coats.
  • The events. Apart from Christmas, Halloween and bonfire night are my favourite.
  • The autumn half term. One week with the children of having so much fun puddle jumping, collecting conkers, leaves etc.
  • The food. Warming hearty meals are my favourites. Like stews, pies and soups. And who doesn’t love toffee apples and Halloween sweets.
  • The darker evenings. The kids actually see it’s bedtime so less dramas and you don’t have people being loud in the gardens and on the street.
  • The colours. Everything looks beautiful at this time of year.

Are you a lover of autumn? Anything you would add?

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Weight Watchers Journey- Week 21

Weight – 1lb loss

Points – 0 points left

Feeling – I’ve been a bit hit and miss this week. Some days on it, some days slightly off. But the day before weigh in I was really ill with a dodgy tummy and being sick so I think that helped with the loss. Back on it next week.

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Power Dough Review

Are you ready for one of the coolest dough set ever? When this arrived myself and Tom got excited, let alone the kids!

We love dough in this house, especially Harry and we’ve had lots of different sets before but nothing like this!

How it works;

Literally that is it! Simple yet so effective! Definitely a must have item this Christmas (yes I went there) one thing I love is, it says it’s compatible with other dough components so if you already have some you could make more.

Another thing I love is that it comes with everything in the box (even batteries) which is a big bonus. It’s so disappointing when they open a gift and it needs extra things. I definitely recommend this!

*I was sent this item for the purposes of review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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