New Year, New Clothes with Femme Luxe

In the new year I always feel it’s a fresh start and that usually means clearing out old stuff, including clothes. I like to go through my wardrobe and have a declutter, especially if I’ve got a load of new items for Christmas. And once I’ve decluttered I usually fill it back up again with new clothes.

Courtney didn’t receive any new clothes for Christmas (she’s getting too fussy) but she did pick some lovely clothes from Femme Luxe just before Christmas.

She chose some lovely items and there is definitely a theme of style with comfort.

She picked;

Khaki Belted Bodycon Midi Dress – Angelica

Camel Oversized Sweater Mini Dress – Ola

Pink Knitted Oversized Long Sleeve Jumper Dress – Georgia

She also chose a 4th red dress but it hasn’t arrived yet. I will add it to the post when it comes.

See what I mean with the stylish but comfortable? She’s worn all 3 dresses out a couple of times now and she not only looks really good but she feels confident in them.

She wore the belted khaki dress to my mums 60th birthday meal and she could eat what she wanted and didn’t feel constricted as it has some give in it and elasticity. And really who doesn’t want that in a bodycon dress?

I think the pink jumper dress is my favourite on her. It just suits her so well. I also love that it can be dressed up or down. And can be worn with trainers or heels.

Have you looked on the site lately? What is your favourite item?

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Happy 4th birthday Jack

So today is Jack’s 4th birthday! I know everyone says it’s but I can’t believe he’s 4 already. My cheeky, sassy, wild child that makes us all laugh on a daily basis. He is so clever and amazes us on a daily basis too. He is also by far the cheekiest out of my four children. Definitely one to watch! I feel quite emotional remembering his birth 4 years ago because it was not an easy one at all. Firstly it lasted 30+ hours and then when he was born it was in his amniotic sack and the nurse nearly didn’t catch him. He certainly has kept that ‘like to make an entrance’ thing going. We all love him so much!


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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Dick Whittington at the Benn Hall

About a month or so ago we were kindly asked if we would like to see a pantomime at the Benn Hall in Rugby. We love a pantomime so of course said yes. We could pick any date we wanted from 23-29th December 2019 and we decided to choose Christmas Eve. We were a bit worried that it would be too much on the day as we always have a buffet with family at our house but we were so wrong. It was the best fun and we laughed so much. Afterwards we went home super happy and in the beat mood. We felt so Christmassy and have decided to make it a new tradition to see a pantomime at the Benn Hall. The pantomime we watched was Dick Whittington and we all loved it! Lots of jokes for the adults and lots of fun for the children. Before we went into the hall we were greeted with Santa and was able to have a photo which the boys loved

Then we walked in another room where there was a bar to order drinks and a long table of snacks and drinks that could be purchased to take in. We all got a drink each, some popcorn and chocolate.

It was in a hall rather than a traditional theatre so it was chairs laid out but it was surprisingly comfortable and we could see the stage wherever you sat as it was raised.

Before the show started and in the interval was a choir which really got us in the mood as it was so uplifting.

We really loved it and would 100% recommend. We will be booking again next year, which is Cinderella and will be performed by the same Five Star Theatre and a few special guests. If you’re near the area I would definitely suggest you go. 10/10

Do you love a Panto?

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Our Christmas 2019

This Christmas was a lovely one for us this year. The last few years one of the teens have been working but this year we were all at home. Christmas Eve we went to a pantomime which I think might be a new tradition because we loved it! In the evening we had our annual buffet with all of us (minus Jordan who was working) Courtney’s girlfriend, my step mum and Tom’s mum and dad.

Christmas Day was lovely having the 6 of us together and we stayed at home all day.

On Boxing Day we invited my mum, brother, nephew and niece over for another buffet and lots of board games, it was lovely.

How did you spend your Christmas?

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Merry Christmas

From all of us at TeenTweenToddler xx

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My Sunday Snapshot

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