Saturday is Caption Day

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Getting Festival Ready with Superdrug Essentials

So far this summer we have already been to 3 festivals. We all went to the peace festival and my teen daughter has been to two with her friends. We hope to go to a few more yet too.

When we go to festivals I usually take lots of things like water, food, a little money, blankets and chairs and the usual things you need with children.

But there is also things that I think are really important and are never forgotten. We all have hayfever so we never forget the tablets, liquid, eye drops/sprays etc. Superdrug sent me a few essentials from their range and they’re just what we needed at the festivals.

  • Piriton Hayfever relief tablets
  • Superdrug Dry eye Spray Mist 10ml
  • Fix’em plasters

All of these are essentials for us but I also think good essentials at festivals are

  • Condoms
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Suncream
  • Tissues
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Bottled water
  • Paracetamol

Do you go to festivals? What are your essentials?

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5 Things I discovered About Mcdonalds

On the 6th July I was invited to McDonald’s in Coventry (Walsgrave)  to have a look around and discover what was new and see the changes coming to the restaurant. I had a lovely afternoon chatting with some bloggers and the staff including the lovely franchisee Sarah Mclean.

Whilst there I discovered so may things about McDonald’s that I didn’t know before and I am going to share them with you.

  1. Not only can you now make your order at your leisure with the new self checkout and have it delivered to your table, you can also totally customise your order. We always use the touchscreen screens to order but I always eat the same items because I don’t like some aspects of some meals (I.e pickles on burgers and certain sauces) but now when you order there is a customise button and that will let you take off or add as you wish.

2. Big Mac’s taste nice. In all my years if visiting McDonald’s I have never tasted the most well known of burgers, the Big Mac. But while visiting I was lucky enough to go behind the scenes and make my very own Big Mac (before eating it).

Photo courtesy of Kelly of


I think I did a pretty good job

3. While I was in the kitchen we discovered that all food served in McDonald’s is made fresh to order.

4. Some McDonald’s have activities on (this one had face painting) for a small charge. And all proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. I had never heard of this charity before but hearing about it on Thursday made my house want to burst. It is a fantastic charity that I will be donating to from now on.

I hope I have helped you discover a few things too with my post and you will be visiting your local McDonald’s soon to have a look at what they have new to discover. The Coventry branch is not the closest one to me but its not a million miles away either so I will definitely be visiting again soon. The kids love the new tablets that they can play on at the tables

Will enjoy their face painted or a balloon (that are given to all children free of charge) or to play in their very awesome soft play.


*This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions are my own and honest.

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Harry’s first sports day

On Wednesday 5th July Harry had his first ever sports day. It was supposed to be the Wednesday before but was postponed because of rain.

I was so excited (because I don’t think these things ever get boring) and Harry was super excited for me to watch.

We started by watching him with a small team doing a obstacle and then they would go in a circle and keep rotating. They had a beanbag challenge, egg and spoon race, space hopper race and a football challenge. Harry put his whole heart and soul into each challenge and did so well.

After they had completed each section we moved on to a race track. It was all of foundation, year one and year 2 so they had to be put into small groups again. They sat down at the starting point in lines, one after the other.

When it came to Harry’s turn he lined up ready and on the word go, he ran like his life depended on it. It worked because he came second 🙂

I’m so so proud of him and can’t wait to see his next one.

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Summer Days Out Essentials 

As the hot weather is here I thought I would share with you the summer essentials that I need to get me through summer with children.

  1. Snoozeshade

I wouldn’t be without my snoozeshade. Not only does it keep the Sun of my little ones, I’ve just it through a spot of rain, to get the kids to nap and also I’ve used it on holiday to shield a bit of noise at the children’s club at night. 

2. Summer Infant Piddlepad 

This is brilliant for long journeys for either children that may not be able to hold their pee in (when there is nowhere to stop) or when your baby’s nappy just can’t take anymore. 

3. Seat Back Protectors

In the summer we have lots of days out and most of those we need the car to get us there and on long journeys children can get bored and kick the seat. These also hold items that can stop the kids from getting bored. 
4. Rayshade 

We have the snoozeshade (as above) so mostly use that but for most days we use our small pushchair (which is easier to take around) the Quinny Yezz but it’s the one pushchair the snoozeshade doesn’t fit so this RayShade is perfect to keep the sun off Jack. 

BabyMule Changing Bag

This is my very own Mary Poppins bag, it is amazing! When on days out I like to be prepared for everything and this never fails. Because you don’t just need a bag for babies, all my children (even the teens) have things they need while out. Jack needs nappies, wiped, change of clothes, snacks, bottles and so on. Harry needs suncream, snacks, change of clothes, things to keep him occupied, the teens have phones, snacks, suncream, money etc and then I need things that I’d usually put in a handbag (but never take out anymore) 

SummerInfant Pop and Sit

This chair lives in our car because you never know when you might need it. It folds up really small so is never an inconvenience and then you just pop in up when needed. We’ve used it at restaurants that don’t have high chairs, on picnics, at families houses etc. 
So these are the items I use every summer (and most through to winter too). All these items I own and use on a regular basis. 

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is Caption Day 

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My shiny new blog

If you’re a regular reader (hello and thank you) you will see that I have a shiny new blog header and its repeated all over my social media platforms. I love it!

I’ve been looking to change it for a while now but firstly I didn’t know what I wanted and secondly everywhere was a tad expensive. Then I stumbled across Sarah from A Mundane Life.

I’ve followed Sarah for a while now but had no idea she did web design or that she does it for a living. Anyway I had a look at her work and saw she was very good and when I saw her prices I contacted her straight away. Her prices are the best I’ve seen yet. I actually don’t think she’s charging enough for her talents. 

So when I contacted her she asked what I’d like so I gave her a rough answer (I didn’t really know what I wanted) and she told me a date it would be done. 

When she came back with my first design, I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t rubbish, it just wasn’t what I wanted. But she was more than happy to change it and said a couple of times that I could have my money back. But I didn’t want to. She had done a good job, actually what I’d asked for (I did give her a rubbish idea) 

Anyway I said I still wanted her to design something but couldn’t really think what so she said she had an idea of her own. I decided to go with her idea and I’m so glad I did, it’s just perfect! 

So if you’re looking for someone to design your blog header or social media channels, I highly recommend her 🙂 
*Sarah has not asked me to write this post. I paid her to design my header and just love what she’s done so sharing the love. 

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is Caption Day 

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