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Saturday is Caption Day

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Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Video Baby Monitor Review

When Jack was born I really wanted a video monitor but because he was my last and we didn’t want to waste money. So when Summer Infant contacted me asking if I’d like to review one of their video monitors I said yes, purely on the fact I just wanted one. Tom told me off and said I shouldn’t review anything I didn’t really need and he was right. However it’s actually benefited us far more than we expected.

When Jack was born we let him take lead and fall asleep and eat as and when he wanted. Which was fine but then when we put him in his cot and stated to get a routine going. We would feed him to sleep and then put him in his cot. It started off OK but now at 15 months it’s a pain in the butt. Now it’s very rare that he will just go straight to sleep after his milk and I have to cuddle him to sleep and then place him in his cot. Sometimes it can take hours.

But since having the video monitor, we’ve given him his milk and left him. It was a struggle for a couple of days but now it’s much easier. I think before when I would lay with him I was actually making the situation worse. We tried to leave him before we got the video monitor but we would go and see to him with every moan. Now we can see if he needs us before we go up. I still wont leave him to cry it out, that’s just not how I want to parent (don’t judge anyone that does though) but when he just whinge’s we can just leave him. We’ve found that he will just settle himself now.

We’ve also realised it will be great come the summer months because we would ideally still like him to nap in his cot (because he is a nightmare lately. If he’s around any kind of noise, he will not nap) and obviously being nicer weather we don’t all want to stay indoors waiting for him to nap. so this will be great for then too. Also when we eventually move and the two little ones share a room.

Anyway I love this monitor. If you don’t have somewhere flat to put it, like us, you can also put it on the wall.

Key Features

  • 2.5″ high resolution colour LCD video screen with enhanced automatic night vision
  • 2 times remote digital zoom
  • Temperature display
  • 240 metre range
  • Soft glow night light camera
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • High sensitivity microphone
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Add up to 3 extra cameras

It has been a great monitor. We can see him clearly with no worries and I love that it has a night light and temperature display attached, that’s 3 products in one! But my favorite bit? It’s given me my evenings back!

I highly recommend it for anyone that’s looking to get one. They are £89.99 which I think is a bargain.


*We were sent this monitor for the purposes of review but all opinions are honest and my own.


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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Getting ready for spring/summer with Boots Mini Club

I’ve always been a fan of buying beautiful clothing for my children but having 4 I have to find a way of doing that that isn’t too costly. That’s why I like Boots Mini Club . They have a whole range of clothes to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

I was recently invited to their offices to take a look at their new spring/summer collection and honestly I wanted to take it all home.

I’ll take you through the collection…..

Tiny Treasures

Awaiting the birth of a new little darling is an exciting experience, and for some of us, resisting shopping for anticipated arrivals is a temptation too hard to bear! Whether it’s your own eagerly awaited addition, or that of a family member or friend, you want to know that any newborn baby gifts are soft, safe, comfortable and gorgeous! Boots mini club’s tiny treasures collection is a unisex range, created specifically for newborns, with their delicate skin in mind. The 100% cotton pieces will keep your little ones protected and looking adorable from the moment they first arrive into the world. The elephant themed range is full of adorable items, like all in ones, bodysuits and booties, as well as beautiful accessories to wrap your precious additions in for those magical moments, as they open their eyes and squeeze your finger for the very first time.

Baby Boys and Girls

Freshen up your baby’s style this spring with this gorgeous new collection from Boots mini club. These adorable baby bodysuits are super-soft and extra cute. Each of this season’s stylish designs have been created with your little one in mind, from the strawberry themed all-in-ones to the gorgeous colours and beautiful patterns, these fabulous outfits will ensure your precious bundle of joy is leading the fashion pack from the moment the sun comes out!

Miniature Explorers

Escape the winter blues and refresh your little one’s wardrobe with mini club’s latest collection available for little ones on the move. From cute dungarees to surf inspired T’s, we’ve got everything your baby needs to stay cute, cosy, and oh-so-stylish all season. Whether easy-peasy outfits are your go to, or you’re looking for a bold new look for your little adventurer, this new range will make sure your intrepid explorer is the coolest kid on the block!

Pretty Little Things

With summer just around the corner, Boots mini club reveal a gorgeous new range of garments for tiny explorers. From floral tops to nautical themed cardigans – finding the perfect outfit to impress your play dates this summer will be a walk in the park!

It’s a Jungle Out There

The world is full of fun and adventure, and there’s not a jungle that can’t be explored, or climbing frame that can’t be conquered when you’re feeling confident in your summer get up. The new mini club range has seriously fun times in mind, as you feed your children’s vivid imaginations with cool animal designs, bold patterns and must-have styles, meaning they’ll be spoilt for choice!

Oh So Chic

It’s so exhilarating when the sun finally comes out to play, and mini club understands the excitement and joy of running, skipping and hosting those all-important garden parties. mini club combines style, beauty and practicality with their gorgeous new range, full of fresh textures and gorgeous designs – so no playtime quest is too big, or too small for your tiny explorers.

Bows and Arrows

Bows and arrows combines cool prints, sophisticated designs and essential comfort for little adventurers. It’s a range that helps mini mischief makers to discover and explore their unique personalities and developing style. Summer BBQs, action packed days out and adventure seeking play dates are covered with mini club’s latest bows and arrows range.

All Dressed Up

Play Date Adventures

See what I mean? Something for everyone! If you look through the collection you will see that they think of everything. They tend to pick one signature piece and then design the collection around that item so everything is easily mixed, which saves on the pennies.

They also have a great selection for a smaller budget. With summer sets from £10 and offers like Buy one get second half price and 2 for £8 or 3 for £12.

So you could buy an outfit for £10 two lots of 3 for £12 and be all set for summer, bargain!

They also have a selection of swimwear, nightwear and character shop.

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Meet the gang at Teen Tween Toddler

So I thought I would write a little introductory post. I have been blogging for 4 years but in those years, more children have come along and we have all changed slightly. If you’re a regular reader (Thank you) you may already know us quite a bit but you never really know someone by just reading about their adventures. If you’re new to the blog you’re welcome to read my About me page but it doesn’t really give you an insight into us as individuals so here is the post to do just that!


The women behind the blog. I like to think I am a fun mum but can be strict where I need to be. I love writing, music, food and holidays. And of course my family.


The nicest man I have ever met. He is a wonderful Dad and partner, even though he loves winding up the teenagers on a regular basis. He is kind, funny and super talented.


My beautiful only daughter. The one that hates her photo being taken, yet takes a million of herself. She is very shy but when you get to know her she really comes out of her shell and is very funny. She loves make up and is very talented, she can do some amazing make up looks.  She is a lovely big sister to her 3 brothers, they all look up to her and love her immensely.

TEEN SON (Jordan)

My biggest boy. The one that used to be the clown of the family but has recently become the moodiest. Just picture Harry Enfield’s Kevin and you will have Jordan. He loves video games mostly but is extremely good at art. He can draw anything. He is a very sensitive soul and a big worrier but we wouldn’t have him any other way.


This photo sums up Harry perfectly. He has the brilliant ability to be in the biggest of moods one minute and having you in creases of laughter the next. He is very shy like his sister but again, when you get to know him, he is a real character. He loves being outdoors but also loves a good cuddle on the sofa watching a film.


The baby of the family. The kid that is always happy and will smile at anyone. Obviously only being one his real character hasn’t come out and I know that it can change at anytime but for now he is a super happy boy and loves to make us laugh. He is very loving and will kiss you if you’re hurt but also is usually the one hurting you as he loves a good pinch.


Thank you for stopping by and please so leave your comments because I love to read them and I always tell the kids if someone left a comment about them 🙂


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Cleaning up this Easter with Marigold and Giveaway!

So Easter is fast approaching and that means lots of chocolate. It also means lots of crafts, which means mess!

Last week we had to make an Easter bonnet for school and this week we’re making Easter cards for family and baking lots of tasty treats. I’m thinking chocolate croissants and nest cakes.

With all this mess I need some good products to get my house clean because not only do I like a clean house, I especially do when spring cleaning comes around. And it is in full swing now. I don’t purposely think it’s spring, I need to clean. I just get the urge at this time of year. I like to clean all the windows, under the sofas, and everywhere that may not always get a regular clean.

Marigold recently got in touch asking if I’d like to use their products to clean up this Easter. I thought that meant some rubber gloves as they’re known for but was surprised to see that Marigold now have a great range of products.

They even give a few tips and tricks which I think are great ideas.

I have a great giveaway to win a selection of their products. Just enter the Rafflecopter below


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Silent Sunday


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Saturday is Caption day

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