Silent Sunday

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I think I have an addiction 

So I have a confession. I think I have an addiction. It’s been going on for weeks now and I have to finally admit it. I have an addiction to…. Buying dresses from Lindy Bop! I just cant help it. I bought my first one last year in July for a 1940’s weekend I was attending and I fell in love with the site. I browsed loads after that but resisted until I treated myself in January where I bought another two. Since then I’ve bought another 5! Oops!

I just adore them. Every one has been true to size and fitted me well and they make me feel so great when I’m in them, which is not easy lately.

Here are the ones I have purchased so far….

Aren’t they all just lovely? Do you have a shop that you’ve just fell in love with?

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Mum guilt with teens 

When you become a parent we always get that thing called guilt. Nine times out of 10 there is no need for that guilt at all its just something that we’ve created in our own heads and the children don’t even know why or don’t even have a clue about your guilt. Mostly when you tell people about your guilt they usually say oh honestly don’t even worry about it your child will not even know. We usually get told there is no need, and they’re usually right. 

Then you have teens and it’s a whole lot different. Usually it’s still the same ‘feeling guilty for no reason’ but the children DO know and WILL make you feel worse. You would think as teenagers they would understand when things happen out of our control, but sadly they don’t. 

For instance on the day of my daughters 15th birthday I was in hospital being induced. We obviously knew about the induction so we treated her the day before and made that day special instead. 

As a parent you will know that I was shitting myself about the induction (had previously had a bad one) and I was feeling guilty BUT do you think that registered with my daughter? Of course not. She still went on about her rubbish birthday. 

P.s he came the next day. 

And then a year later when her 16th came around and my son’s first. Firstly she moaned about having to share it with her brother (even though I said several times that they are two seperate days) and then she moaned because I was ill and didn’t do a lot on her birthday. 

For months we asked her what she wanted to do and she eventually said “the ice cream parlour with some friends and shopping” 

Her birthday was on a Tuesday (so she was at school for half of it) We got up with her and watched her open her presents and sang happy birthday to her but then I spent the whole day in and out of sleep in bed. I was so ill with flu, it was horrendous! I felt so guilty for not doing anything with her and apologised to her BUT do you think that stopped her slamming doors and being in an obvious mood with the whole household? Nope! 
Even though we had booked the ice cream parlour she asked for on the following Saturday (which I did even though I still felt poorly) and she had planned a shopping trip with all her friends for the Saturday after. 

Also at the moment my 14 year old son shares a room with his 4 year old brother because we live in a 3 bed house. We will be moving to a bigger house at some point in the year, possibly next but of course it’s not that simple. I already feel guilty about this because I know he wants his own space BUT instead of just understanding, he goes on about it ALL THE TIME! 

There are many other times they make me feel guilty too and usually it’s when I already do. 

Parenting is so hard sometimes. 


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From a one night stand to a love story

I talk a little bit about Tom on my blog but not a huge amount so today I thought I would share with you how we met. Firstly because it’s a nice story and secondly because I want to show that sleeping with someone on the first night is not all bad. Obviously I don’t encourage it for all women on a regular basis (even though that is quite up to you if you do) but just that it’s not always a mistake.

I wont go into my whole life (It would take too long) but just before we met I was a single mum to two children. I had been single for a couple of years and wasn’t looking for anyone, I was quite happy on my own with my children. A guy I had known for a few years asked me several times if I would date him but I just wasn’t interested.

One night I was around my friends house and she asked if I wanted a night out with her. I hadn’t been out in years, my children were visiting their nan’s for a week (who lived 4 hours away and who they have not stayed with again since) so I agreed.

Saturday night came and we had been out an hour or so, enjoying ourselves. The guy who had asked me out several times text me and I said I was out and he said he was too so we agreed to meet up (I wasn’t interested, we were just friends). It was myself, my friend, said guy and his friend Tom.

We all chatted and had a great night and even though quite drunk I really got on with Tom. I told him about my children and it didn’t scare him away and we ended up going back to my place together we had sex (and he said he loved me) and went to sleep. The next day I thought would be awkward but it actually wasn’t. I felt like I had known him ages. The next day he even met my mum and step dad! That was a little awkward 🙂

While the kids were away I manged a couple of dates with him. We went to the cinema, had a meal out and even a hotel stay.

After that things moved quite quickly. He met my children and we went on a few days out together. The kids loved him and he was really good with them.

A couple of months later we were engaged and had rented a house together.

11 years later and we have two more children, another house move, lots of holidays and are more in love than we have ever been. We have been through some really rough times but they have only ever brought us closer. When I think back now I can’t believe how fast we got together but I just knew it was right. We know each other inside out and I know we will be together for the rest of our lives.

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is Caption day

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Harry’s school achievments  

Last week Harry came home with not only his first ever school photo but a couple of certificates from school. One for 100% gold behaviour and one for an excellent explanation of how he made a snowman. I was so proud of him and he was so happy and proud to show me them.

He also got an invitation for us to attend a special assembly where Harry would be awarded a badge for his 100% gold behaviour. At his school the pupils are given a lanyard (when they get their first badge) and when they have special achievements, they receive a new badge and can get a collection. I think it’s a great incentive for the children.

So on Monday we took a seat in the hall to watch the assembly for Harry to receive his lanyard and his first badge. When his name was called he stood up, excepted his badge from his teacher and stood in the line with all the others getting a badge. His face made my heart burst. He is naturally a shy person and you could see in his face it was out of his comfort zone but he did so well and just smiled, concentrating on us.

The parents were called up to attach the badges to the lanyard and Harry gave me the biggest cuddle. After the parents had sat back down, every one was asked to clap for the children. They all looked so pleased and proud of themselves, including Harry. And then Harry made us all laugh and did a fancy bow (something they had been learning at school) it was so cute!


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My new baby nephew 

*Warning* If you are broody, it’s probably best you look away now.

On the 20th February 2017 at 23.49 my lovely niece had her first child, Leo weighing 7lb 110z. He is so beautiful! At the weekend we travelled up to see them (2 1/2 hours away) and I got to hold him (lots), I didn’t want to come home.

I took my big camera so I could take some beautiful photos of him. With my nieces consent I am going to show you some of the photos I took 🙂

The proud mummy

The proud nanny

Isn’t he just gorgeous?

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Silent Sunday 

Harry and my little nephew 💙

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Saturday is Caption Day

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