Go Imagine with Microsoft Surface in partnership with John Lewis

I was recently invited along with Harry to see the new Microsoft Surface Go in action.

The whole event was to see what the Microsoft Surface has to offer but also to discuss how it can benefit a family home.

The first thing we did when we arrived was get playing with the surface go. Harry loved it! His favourite thing to do is draw so was shown a few things he could do and he was loving how creative he could be

Harry wrote his name and then was shown how to make it 3D and coloured

We also discovered games and puzzles

We had a panel of experts discussing its great features and touching on how being creative and using imagination benefit children in their development which I hugely agree with.

We also discussed how using the surface go helps children be creative and to also get outdoors. We often hear how letting children online can be bad but there are lots of positives too.

  • Looking up crafts to make
  • Researching homework
  • Looking on maps for places to go on a walk
  • FaceTiming long distance family
  • Looking up recipes for baking
  • Playing educational games

Plus many more!

Having four children from teens to preschool age we use the internet and gadgets a lot. Since seeing the Surface Go in action I genuinely want one as I think it would work great in my house.

Also have to add, while I was listening to the panel, Harry was sitting with a man working at the event (didn’t catch his name) and it was the sweetest thing. He was so good with Harry and we could all hear Harry giggling along.

And let’s not forget the selfie with Ben Fogle 🙂

*I have been paid to discuss the day but all words and opinions are my own and honest.

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Ways Alexa can entertain your kids

We have an amazon echo and mostly we use it to listen to the radio but we’ve been trying to explore a bit more because it can actually do loads.

Here are a few things the kids can ask Alexa;

  • Alexa fart/burp
  • Alexa open the magic door
  • Alexa play spelling bee
  • Alexa open curiosity
  • Alexa open knock knock
  • Alexa open bed time story
  • Alexa 20 questions
  • Alexa tell me a joke
  • Alexa play 1-2-3 math
  • Alexa start chompers
  • Alexa open animal letters
  • There is a mix of fun and educational here. Are there any you know that are not on this list? We’d love to find more!
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    Silent Sunday

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    Saturday is Caption Day

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    Weight Watchers Journey- Week 17

    Weight – stayed the same

    Points – 0 points left

    Feeling – I ate pretty terrible this week again, I just couldn’t stop snacking! So happy with staying the same. It’s better than a gain.

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    My teens learning with Young Drivers

    Last year (I think November) my two teens had a 30 minute lesson each with Young Drivers and I wrote all about it and how much they enjoyed it here and they really did learn so much and really enjoyed it that we let them have another 30 minute lesson each this week. Teen son mastered parallel parking and went up to 30mph and teen daughter also went up to 30mph and did a reverse parking. We were very impressed with teen daughter because she did the reverse parking whilst we watched her! The only problem we found (which cant be helped) is the park is so large, we couldn’t want both teens together. But because the park is so large you can’t see everything they do anyway.

    Anyway I did manage some photos so ill add them below.

    If you have a child aged between 14 and 17 I highly recommend this course. They also do birthday parties.

    *This is not a sponsored post. We won a competition and am just sharing our experience.

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    My weight watchers journey so far (in photos)

    I’ve been feeling in a slump lately (I think it gets when I eat bad) and even though the scales clearly say I’ve lost over a stone, I sometimes still just can’t see it. So I thought I’d share a post of my weight loss in photos to see if it helps give me a boost.

    So I’ll start from the start and end to where I am now.

    Ok so looking at my journey like this I can see a difference. I just need to remind myself when I’m feeling low. I think I might do these once a month or so to keep me going.

    If you don’t know where to get started, Bidvine.com is a great place to find a nutritionist and compare prices.

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    Silent Sunday

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    Saturday is Caption day

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    Weight Watchers Journey – Week 16

    Weight- 1lb loss

    Points – 0 points left

    Feeling – I ate half good and half rubbish so I’m happy with a 1lb loss. Determined to start getting back into eating well all week though.

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