Personalised Buntella with Boomf!


I love bunting! I have it all over my home. So when I was asked if  would like to review some Buntella with Boomf!, I jumped at the chance. I decided to go with a Christmas themed bunting. I couldn’t decide with what to go with because there are so many different options to personalise it with, you could

  1. Get some family Christmas photos
  2. Photo’s of your Children
  3. Your children’s drawings
  4. Art photos

The list goes on. I decided to Google some photo’s of animals in winter and I used some from Boomf! As they have a whole list of some you can use for Christmas, Birthday and Wedding.


I love it! It is far better than I imagined. There are nine. Each bunt is 15cm x 15cm in size, strung along 3 meters of yachting-grade bias tape. Stainless steel ringlets at each end help with all kinds of hanging needs. The quality is far better than I was expecting, I can see this being bought out every year for many years to come.

And I have to comment how quick it came. I ordered it on Thursday and it was delivered the next day on Friday. Now you cannot deny that is fast! I’m even more amazed because shipping is free worldwide!


Buntella are £25 each and are definitely worth it! I highly recommend them. I plan to get one for our birthdays and my wedding (when we finally get around to it again) I can see these becoming an addiction 🙂


*I was given a bentella for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.



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