Personalised Santa sacks 


Christmas! Don’t you just love it? I definitely do. I get so excited about all of it and I start my Christmas shopping early because I like to be organised. I’ve actually got all my presents already. The only problem with doing them early is I need to wrap them quickly because I will have little eyes (mostly the teens) peeking at them. Then that leaves the problem of where to store all the wrapped presents.

Last year I won a personalised Santa Sack for Harry so I thought it would be lovely to get all the kids one (even teens love things like this) as I’ve worked with Personalised Gift Solutions  before, I thought to look there first. They had a lovely selection so I chose these two sacks


Told you they were lovely. They are so authentic and feel like Santa may have left them for you. They are such great quality and are a great size. I have managed to fit virtually all the teens presents inside 🙂

Sadly my teens don’t believe any more (sob) but they still love them and were excited (as excited as teens get) when they came in the post. Obviously with smaller children you can say Santa left them for the children and they have their names on so he knows who to deliver to. Small children think they ‘re the only child in the world with that name 🙂

I would highly recommend these sacks, they truly are lovely and I can see them lasting for so long.


*We were sent these Santa sacks for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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