POM Safety App

Pom is the first personal safety app that allows you to keep track of your loved one’s safety without compromising their privacy.

Whether it’s letting your kids go out alone, a friend who uses online dating, or a spouse who goes running or cycling alone, you will find a feature or combination of features that will give you peace of mind that they are safe.


  • SafeZones. Receive notifications when loved ones leave an agreed location. What’s unique is that while you are in the Safe zone your location is masked giving you more privacy.

  • SafeGroups. Create a group of loved ones and keep an eye out for each other.  Add your spouse, your kids and friends to view each other’s status.

  • Check-ins. Ask one of your loved ones to check-in on a schedule. You will be notified when they miss a check-in.

  • Safety tips (Coming soon) The newsfeed is updated regularly with articles that will help to keep you and your loved ones safe. Check back regularly to see new articles.

  • Panic Alarm. Activate the Panic button in an emergency situation to alert your loved ones and let them see your location.

  • Inactivity Timer (coming soon) Get alerts when your loved-one’s phone doesn’t move for a pre-agreed time. See their location until they are re-mobilised. Ideal for lone sports or lone workers.

As a parents of four children, two being teenagers I think this is a fantastic app. I love the fact that I can have total peace of mind when my teenagers go out alone but not in a big brother way, watching them all the time. And many of you may say just call them on their phone or text them, ask them to text you. If you did just say that, you clearly don’t have teenagers because if you have teenagers you will know they’re not reliable for informing you where they are.

I also think this app might come in handy with Tom. Because he works nights he is out of the house when most people are in bed. His work is 40 mins drive away so I am always at home worrying if he made it there ok and often he’s too busy to text to let me know so the app will come in perfectly.

If you keep an eye on my social media channels I’m sure I will update how I’m getting on with it on there.

The POM app is available to download now. You can get the first month for free (to see how you get on) and then it’s £2.99 per month thereafter.

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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