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We are back to that joyous time of potty training. This is our fourth time and we’re still not pros because it really is different with each child. Some get it fast, some take a little longer but ultimately they all do get there in the end eventually. I thought I’d share a post with tips to help anyone also going through it.

I’ve had some help from some other bloggers who are parents with their best tips too.

MessyBlog.UK said “Praise praise praise! We had a bag of little goodies and wrapped them all up like lucky dips. Every time they go successfully they get a prize.

Also, start with naked bums. When going straight from nappy to underwear they can’t initially tell the difference between them and will just go.

And be prepared for mess


Hello Beautiful Bear said “Don’t get serious about it until you’re sure your little one is ready. So many parents feel under pressure to potty train and it’s just not necessary, it’ll come when it comes”

LesBeMums said “Be patient. There will be good days and bad days. One day they’ll “get it” other days they just won’t. And that’s ok.”

Toby Goes Bananas said “We started with the potty in the living room, then when they were more confident moved it to the hall, and then finally started just going to the toilet. Also, just wait until they’re ready – both my boys went straight from nappies to pants (and trousers), had one or two accidents on the first day and that was it. Toby was 3 and a few months and Gabe was a week off his third birthday.”

Meet the Wildes said “… There are services that do that for you. You can book yourself a nice, adults-only minibreak and come back to trained children – like a domestic miracle!”

Jaime from The Oliver’s Madhouse said “When you decide to go for it block off some time and barricade yourself in for a week or so. No one needs the hassle of trying to keep a toddler dry in the car or in public places .. be kind to yourself and batten down the hatches!”

So there you have it! Some fab tips here that I will be using. My one bit advice is, if you can, try and start in a warm month (I’m going to start in spring with Jack) because it’s a lot easier with staying naked, washing and just generally feels easier.

Do you have any other tips or advice you would add?

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    No advice from but wanted to wish you good luck! I am so glad my potty training days are behind me x

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