pre-teen girls and their fathers


My pre-teen daughter and my OH clash like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t get me wrong they don’t hate each other, in fact she can twist darling father around her little finger when she really wants something. Oh yes she can be daddy’s little girl when need’s must. But as I was saying they also clash (on a daily bases) and sometimes (more often than not) It’s the OH that winds me up. Courtney only being 12 is a child and hormonal so she is going to have tantrums and feel over emotional at times, its all part of growing up! The OH though has no excuse other than being a moaning old grouch. Sometimes (very rarely) I actually agree with him, he just goes at it the wrong way and it usually ends in a big argument.

Iv’e tried to explain this but he just doesn’t get it. He is a brilliant father and would do anything for the kids. He’s always thinking of their education and their needs but when it comes to pre-teen girls, he has no idea! Bless him!

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