Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

Conduct your own experiments at home or on the go, just like the girls from Project Mc²

McKeyla McAlister’s Ultimate Lab Kit includes numerous science tools to investigate on their next mission. Now you can perform fun S.T.E.A.M. experiments and investigations at home using just household ingredients.
Product Features
Real working microscope with 4x power (batteries required).

30+ additional pieces, including 3 glass slides, 2 test tubes with stand, funnel, beaker jar, 3 lab flasks, 15 pH strips, pipette dropper, petri dish, safety goggles, Project Mc² ring, and 2 sticker sheets to examine and decorate.

Conduct 15+ different experiments from the included booklet or create some of your own!

I sent this case to my niece because she has a few of the Project Mc2 sets and loves them. This one was of course no different and the ultimate lab kit made her eyes pop out her head. She got straight to opening the kit and discovering what she could experiment with. It’s definitely been a hit with her. The only small downside is that the kit doesn’t contain any items to do any experiments straight away. They do only need cheap items but they may not be available to everyone straight away.

The case is available on Amazon for £45.98.


*We were sent the case in exchange for a review but all opinions are honest and my own.


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