Rapidough Review

Table-top gamers, you’ll absolutely love Drumond Park’s RAPIDOUGH, the UK’s original and most popular team game of modelling charades. It’s absolutely hilarious – and, the whole family can join in the fun!

There’s never a dull moment, as everyone plays at once, in every round! Played in two teams, this is an uproariously funny game where everyone gets stuck in and lets their creative skills run riot. Rapidough is a brilliant way to get family and friends playing and laughing – together! The Modeller in each team takes a card and then attempts to sculpt the word or words shown into a shape, as their team mates begin their frenzied attempts to guess what’s emerging from the coloured modelling dough.

Guess too slow and you lose some dough! In each round, the first team to identify what’s been modelled correctly is, of course, the winner. There’s a sting in the tail of course… at the end of each round, the losing team  has one ‘plug’ of dough taken away from them.

And if your team loses too often, you can just imagine the hilarity of trying to sculpt something like a snail, a hand, a helicopter or a hedgehog – with a pea-sized piece of dough!

This is a brilliant game for all the family. It’s for ages 8+ but Harry who is 6 has played along with us too. He’s not the best at modelling the dough but honestly we’re all a bit rubbish. It is harder than you think though. Some of the cards you think ‘oh easy’ but it doesn’t always work out that way.

I definitely recommend it, I think it will be a popular game this Christmas.

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