Rugby’s Got Balls

As you know we recently moved home. Our nearest town is now Rugby, which is the second largest town in the country. One day we decided to go exploring as we’re not used to having such a big town close by. While we were in the town we came across a large egg and Harry wanted a photo next to it. Harry talked a lot about it so when I got home, I did a little Google search and found that it was in fact a rugby ball (makes sense really) and it was placed there in 2015 to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. 

Then I discovered there was actually 5 dotted around Rugby so Harry got really excited and wanted a photo with each one. So far we’ve only been able to find 4. The fifth one is in a car park (which we’re not familiar with) but we’ve been told it was damaged and was unsure if it’s been put back. If we find it, I will add it to the post. 

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