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Now I don’t claim to be a savings expert, in fact until recently I was pretty rubbish.

But I’ve read blog post on the different ways to save money and some have worked for me and some haven’t. So I thought I would blog about what’s working for us and what we are doing and then hopefully it will inspire/ be relevant/ help someone else.

  1. Firstly we have cut down our virgin subscription. We were paying a ridiculous amount for channels that we were not really using. Plus when I called them they discounted some of it so that was even better.
  2. We have started to shop at Aldi. We have saved £40 a week by shopping there. The food lasts longer and a lot of it tastes the same as more expensive brands, but half the price.
  3. We have cut out the takeaways. I worked out roughly how much we had spent on takeaways and meals out in a year and the result was shocking! We tried cutting them out completely but that didn’t work because if you can’t have it, you want it all the more 🙂 What;s worked for us is writing in my diary say 1 to 2 takeaway nights a month. That way we are still getting a treat but within reason.
  4. Using quidco you can earn cashback on all your purchases, like breakdown, car insurance, clothes, food, betting sites, everything. It’s a brilliant website.
  5. Online survey websites like Valued opinions They don’t get me huge amounts but every little helps. I save mine up to get amazon vouchers to get down my huge wish list 🙂
  6. Doing a expenditures spreadsheet every month. Not every month is the same for us because sometimes we will have a school trip, car tax etc so if we do it monthly we know exactly where we stand and don’t go over budget
  7. Shop weekly and meal plan. I used to write down my meals and take a shopping list but Iv’e changed that slightly. I do still take a list of things we have ran out of or still have but we decide the dinners when we are there because we look at what’s on offer or what we fancy that week.
  8. Taking a calculator shopping has helped us loads. We have a budget that we have to stick to so we start to see it as a bit of a challenge getting it under budget 🙂
  9. We have a monthly allowance of £100 to spend on treats, shopping trips, school items etc. We take the money out of the bank and then we don’t touch the bank card again. That has saved us a lot because using your card all the time, you don’t realize how much you’re actually spending.

If you need a little more help, head over to Pine Advisors who have some great advice.

Do you save money? Do you have any tips? Please do comment if you do I love to hear your advice.

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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2 Responses to Saving Money with Pine Advisors

  1. These tips are great, thank you. I’m gradually teaching myself to budget. I’ve found writing it down is enough to make me realise how bad some of my spending habits are and want to change them!! x

  2. ALDI is EVERYWHERE! My daughter swears by it. I’m a co-op person largely, and don’t buy a lot of prepared foods, but I think that would have been impossible when our children were young. I remember when I was a SAHM and my husband a minister, doing a grocery list over and over again with estimated prices before I got to the store, trying to get things down to a certain amount, and shaking my fist at Francis of Assisi. There is nothing simple about being poor! Not when there’s kiddos about at any rate. Budgeting does help a great deal.

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