Sicily vacation with the family: tips and activities to make everyone happy

Sicily is a great destination for family holidays. It is rich in culture, warmth, weather and food, all great make-ups for a relaxing holiday. However, I think we can all agree that when you have children (especially of various ages), it is not easy to keep everyone happy and the trip smooth. 


So, here are a few travel tips to make your family vacation to Sicily run as smooth as possible:


When to go

Busy crowds and hot temperatures generally mean more meltdowns from the kids. So definitely consider visiting Sicily during the cooler season, such as April-June and September-October. The weather is still gorgeous but just milder and there are fewer people.  


How to travel

Start your trip off on the best foot possible with the most convenient mode of travel for your family. If you want to fly, Sicily has two main international airports, Palermo and Catania-Fontanarossa Airport. So if possible, choose according to the region where you are staying. You can also ferry into Sicily from a number of Italian cities. 


Regardless of the mode of travel you choose, keep in mind whether you want to rent a car and especially the realistic limits of your kids’ travel abilities! Pack entertainment and snacks for your trip, but keep luggage as minimal as possible so you are hauling less with you. 


If your kids are older, a kid’s suitcase is a great option so they can feel in charge of their own things!


Where to stay

Before you arrive in Sicily, consider what you want to do while you are there. That way you can choose where you stay accordingly. The least amount of travel time possible means that any energy your kids have can go towards exploring! 


For accommodation, consider staying in one of the many villas in Sicily available for rent on sites like Wishsicily, instead of a traditional hotel. In a villa, you can stay on your home schedule, accommodate everyone in one place, have privacy, not worry about being in different rooms or one cramped room, and cook some of your meals at home. 


Once you are in Sicily, there are so many activities for the whole family to do together. Here are a few ideas:


·      Of course, visiting one of the many beaches and your standard seaside activities are a go-to for any family. 

·      Visit the Valley of the Temples. Afterwards, relax at the Scala dei Turchi near Agrigento where waters and crystal clear and shallow. 

·      See a kid-friendly traditional puppet play show at the Piccolo Teatro dei Pupi in Syracuse. 

·      Visit the Villa Romana del Casale

·      Visit Mount Etna. If your kids are younger you can take a tram halfway up. If they are older you can bike, hike or even ATV up. Pick up some food at a market before you go and enjoy a picnic with a view! 

·      Take an evening stroll along the main road of a town of your choosing. You’ll have company along your walk and kids will often play all together in the main piazza.  

·      See the wildlife at Bioparco di Sicilia. 


Sicily is definitely the next holiday to book. It has so much to do and there is surely something for everyone. 


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