Snacking or Stealing?


Watching Outnumbered (a TV show) I noticed how they let their children just grab food from the fridge or biscuits from the jar but in our house we see that as ‘stealing’. Obviously I don’t think they have committed a terrible crime and the police need to be called.

I do think they need more food than just breakfast, lunch and dinner but the rules in our house is to ask for extras. I would like to be the kind of parent that lets your child help themselves to some food but we’ve tried that and its flipping expensive! My children, quite frankly, take the piss!

If we say they can help themselves to some food they always take far more than they need. It got so bad that we had to put a lock on the pantry! Now we have to carry the key around with us. You may think this sounds harsh but I will give you an example:

Thursday afternoon we bought 10 chocolate bars on Saturday morning there were 2 left! See what I mean? They totally take advantage!

I’m interested to see how you tackle it in your house. Do you let your kids help themselves? Do they take too much? Do they steal? Are they sensible?

I welcome all your comments 🙂

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