#SoMuchMore with Johnson’s!

JOHNSON’S® is carrying out its first ever global campaign – #SoMuchMore, which launched last week aimed at getting parents to understand that bath time isso much more’ than just a bath.

The multi sensory elements to a bath are proven to aid better cognitive development for babies in their first 3 years. Their TV advert illustrates this if you’d like to give it a watch and here are some facts which demonstrate this:


  • Parents in the UK bath their children for the longest amount of time (26 minutes) – the average bath takes 23 minutes, with the Philippines spending the least time washing their children (18 minutes)
  • 92% of mums in the UK say they are primarily responsible for bathing their children in their household
  • Babies bathed with a fragranced product displayed:
    • 30% more engagement cues with their parent after the bath
    • Nearly 25% less time crying before sleep
  • Playing with bubbles helps babies develop hand-eye coordination
  • Splashing helps teach babies cause and effect
  • Listening to bath time music can help stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory


Harry loves bath time, in fact we find it near impossible to get him out! We don’t bath him every day because I feel he doesn’t need one, but as he has got older that is changing because their isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t get filthy.

Having said that we often give him ‘baths’ in the day just to ‘play’ for instance the other day we had Glow Sticks in the bath



(yes I am aware the silicone needs re doing around my bath lol) 

He has some bath toys but only a small tub full because he’s not really bothered with toys, he would rather lay on his tummy and ‘swim’ and he loves to play with the bubbles (and he has been known to eat them)

I think bath times are definitely so much more’ than just a bath. And I’m pretty sure Harry would agree 🙂




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