Splash Proof Playmat from BabyBundle

We were recently sent this gorgeous playmat from BabyBundle. I will be honest I thought I might not use it very much but actually we’ve used it loads! It’s brilliant for in the living room or playroom because no matter how much I try to make my floors spotless, with 4 children, it’s pretty impossible. Jack is now at the age where he will pick up anything he sees and pop in on his mouth but with the playmat I feel confident that only toys will be picked up.

And we used it in the garden the other day because we were out there doing things. I love that it has a wipe clean back so it didn’t get dirty.

It’s lovely and soft on the front so nice for him to lay on naked if he wants. And it’s washable in the washing machine so simple if he has an accident 🙂

Material: 100% cotton – non toxic colours and dyes Wipe clean or machine wash on a delicate cycle

It’s so lovely and bright with bugs on which Harry loved!

It’s thin material so I’m not sure it will be great for taking instead of a picnic blanket but I would take it out to accompany a picnic blanket. It will be great when he’s crawling but the ground is not ideal. I can see us taking it everywhere with us 🙂

It’s a thumbs up from us and I would recommend it. You can buy it from BabyBundle for £18.99 which is a great price in my opinion.


*we were sent this playmat for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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4 Responses to Splash Proof Playmat from BabyBundle

  1. I live the design of this playmat and it looks quite big too. It’s great that you can simply pop in the washing machine if they have been have some nappy free time

  2. Awww looks a fab size! We love having a huge playmat but it has seen better days so might have to invest in another if it doesn’t last

  3. Sarah says:

    I think this is needed in our house…the rug is minging lol! love the bright colour and pattern too xx

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