Summer Infant Pop n Sit Portable Booster Seat Review 


  • Lightweight, folding frame sets up in seconds, perfect for feeding or playtime
  • Detachable, dishwasher safe tray
  • Includes 3-point safety harness and chair safety straps for use on adult chair
  • Convenient carrying case makes this booster perfect for a day in the park, at the beach, or trip to a friends house
  • Up to 3 years, max 15 Kg

This product from Summer Infant gets a massive thumbs up for us. We keep it in the car and it is amazing the amount of times it has come in handy. Jack has got to the wriggle stage so trying the feed him without a highchair is a nightmare and very messy. But we have found that some places don’t have a highchair available. My dad and step mum and my mum and step dad don’t keep a highchair at their house so it’s come in handy there. 

We used it at a club on bonfire night, as you can see below


It folds really small and has a handy carry bag so is really convenient to always keep close. It folds and closes really easily too.


I love the fact that it will last until he’s 3 years old. I can see this being used all the time in the summer. At the park, on picnics, at the beach, the list is endless! It will be handy at picnics etc for him to be put on the floor but it also comes with a safety straps so he can be safely put on an adult chair in a restaurant or similar.


As you can see Jack is happy sitting in it. He would actually rather sit in this one than his normal highchair.

So far we’ve found it really easy to clean too because the tray is easily wiped but so far so has the chair. And when there is lots of food in the seat, it’s so light, you can just pick it up and empty it into a bin. 

 We really do love this seat and highly recommend it. We’ve had compliments of “that is brilliant” every time we’ve used it 🙂 
*we were sent this chair for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest. 

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  1. Momma Jones says:

    We got one of these booster seats second time around for our little one after struggling with her big brother’s high chairs for months. Why didn’t we think of it before?! Everything’s easier the second time around, isn’t it? 🙂

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