SuperZings Review

Have you ever seen two boys happier? Receiving all this in the post, I’d be excited too! The boys love using their imagination and these SuperZings are perfect for that as they’re everyday items like a donut, drums, flower, ball, dummy, etc that are transformed into superheroes and Supervillains (they were particularly excited when they got a villain) also they’re collectibles which the boys, particularly Harry, love!

We received;

1 x Blister Mission – variety £15.00
1 x Kaboom Blasters £6.00
1 x Superbot £4.00
1 x Mega Pack (includes 4 x one pack and 1 x SuperSlider) £5.00

They’re great value for money. Jack opened the kaboom blaster and blister mission and he loved them. They were way better than I expected. The blister mission comes with two vehicles that shoot things out of them and what child doesn’t love that?

And the kaboom blaster has sounds so again another bonus!

And Harry opened the other two packs. He particular loved the mega pack which is awesome value for money. It was only £5 and he got so much from it!

He particularly loved that it came with a massive poster so we could identify them all

They both played with them all for hours and came back to them again daily

I definitely recommend these. They’re perfect if your child likes to spend their pocket money on collecting items.

*We were sent these for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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