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We’re huge fans of sweets in this house, I would say more so than chocolate (apart from the OH) so when we were asked to review some from The Treat Kitchen we were super eager to and when we saw that they were local, we were even more excited!

The Foundations

Martin and Jess Barnett have spent the past three years living in Australia where Martin worked for Australia’s largest retail group as a confectionery buyer and Jess worked for RMIT University. Following the birth of their son Max in February this year they decided to return home to be near family and friends. They decided to act on a dream that they had been forming for some time, opening their own confectionery store.

Martin has been involved in retail all his working life, starting out selling sweets from a market stall with his dad. Later in life Martin started working as a buyer and merchandiser going on to work for several major retailers both in the UK and overseas.

Confectionery is part of his family history. The Barnett family have two confectionery factories in Nottingham; the oldest was opened back in the 1890s. Jess has worked in administration and marketing for over eight years and has picked up valuable skills along the way.

Martin and Jess both have a passion for retail and have spent the last few years observing different retail success stories and now hope to create one of their own.

We were sent a lovely selection from their huge range


We had…

  • Shrimps
  • Radioactive sour Rhubarb Sours
  • Coconut Hearts
  • Blueberry Pie Jelly Beans
  • Sugar Free Sherbert Lemons

Our thoughts

The shrimps first. This are very different to the usual shrimps you can buy. Firstly they have a lot more flavour, it hits as soon as you put it in your mouth and the texture is different. The usual ones are quite foamy and melt in the mouth almost but these are more squidgy. I prefer the normal version to these but all my family and my Dad and Step Mum think these are better.

The Coconut hearts. I am not a fan of coconut so haven’t tried them but the kids and my dad have and they all think they’re yummy. It’s funny because the people that don’t like coconut ave all sad they taste really strong of coconut and the people that do like ithave said that it doesn’t really taste of coconut. All have said one thing though and that they are bursting with flavour.

The Blueberry pie Jelly beans. These are the favourite in the house. We all love Jelly beans from a well known company so was concerned these wouldn’t live up to our taste buds but they exceeded our expectations. They are really tasty and again bursting with flavour and thy were all eaten very quickly (like 5 minutes)

The sugar free Sherbert Lemons. These I was very excited about. I have gestational diabetes so can’t have sweets so was really sad when I thought I might not be able to enjoy all these sweets. But then these arrived! Sherbert lemons are by far my favourite boiled sweets and being sugar free I thought they’re probably going to let me down but honesty if I didn’t read the packaging, no way would I have guessed they were sugar free. they taste amazing and exactly like you would expect. I am definitely going to order some more of these so I can have a treat still. I have no idea how they make them taste so nice and not have sugar in them. Even the sherbert inside tastes amazing and again, you would never guess they were sugar free.

Now we’re onto the Radioactive Sour Rhubarb Sours. I didn’t try them (obviously I can’t with the diabetes and I didn’t just wimp out πŸ˜‰ ) Both my Dad and Step mum couldn’t keep them in their mouths longer than 30 seconds. I wish I had filmed them because it was hilarious but I didn’t record the two teens πŸ™‚

My son first. He was adamant that they wouldn’t bother him. His exact words were “Sour sweets just don’t affect me any more” But I said I needed to record him still, just to show everyone that they’re not that bad, and I am so glad I did πŸ™‚

And now my daughter. It didn’t seem to affect her as much but still did a bit πŸ™‚

All in all I would definitely recommend you visit the treat kitchen πŸ™‚

*We were sent a selection of sweets free of charge for the purposes of a review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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