The Boys Bedroom

I love decorating rooms in my home but my favourite is decorating the children’s room. I think because you can be so creative and a bit mad and it’s OK. I do give them something different every time I redecorate but some things I keep similar. I tend to stick with white furniture, plain wallpaper/paint and then I go more adventurous with the bedding, curtains etc.
So far in their room we have white beds, white changing unit and white wardrobes. We have yet to paint the room, we can’t decide on blue or green. The boys have blue bedding (Harry’s has diggers on it, obviously) and we went with blue light shades so now we’re looking for some more funky items for the room.

At the moment the boys have really old blue blinds, they were just cheap ones I got to get us by but haven’t got around to replacing yet. I was searching around and found the brand VELUX  and I fell in love. They have some lovely blinds but my favourite is the children’s range. They have a Disney range and Star Wars range. I absolutely love the Bambi one but sadly the boys are not so keen. When I think of bright window coverings, I always think of curtains but I much prefer blinds and to find some that can do the job they’re supposed to yet stand out is just brilliant. And I can get them as blackout blinds which is a must with children, especially in summer.

I’ve also found a few fun items to add to the room. I got 3 boxes from Argos they’re all blue but one is plain, one has stripes and one has stars. I use them in the changing unit for nappies and wipes and in the wardrobes for pants and socks. They’re really large so I also have one with some books in. I would like to make a little reading nook. I’m thinking of getting one of those bed canopy’s from Ikea and using that for the nook. I also got some emoji pillows earlier this week, they are so fun, the boys love them!

Have you seen anything else I may like or do you have anymore ideas? I love reading your comments 🙂


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  1. RachelSwirl says:

    I love white furniture as it allows you to go with accessories to dominate the design.

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