The Eight Photo’s of Happiness Tag :)

I was tagged by the lovely Stevie at A Cornish Mum for the eight photo’s of happiness tag. Basically I give 8 photo’s that make me happy. I am a bit limited because my laptop broke a couple of years ago so I had to get a new one. They put all my photos on a box thing (very technical I know) and Iv’e not been able to get them off so I can only give the photo’s I have.

I love this photo of the two teens when they were little and loved each other. I know they love each other now but they make every effort to show the opposite.



This is Harry’s first day in the world. I just love this photo of him!



Christmas! I love Christmas and get super excited as it approaches (sometimes more than the kids) it is so magical and I love giving presents (and of course receiving) and I love how it makes a family seem closer 🙂


Holidays! Another love of mine. We again all get super excited as a holiday approaches and again I love how close it makes us 🙂


Tom, my OH. We have been together 9 years now and I love him more than ever. He is the most caring and loving person I have ever met and he is a fantastic father to our children.



My blog. I am super proud of what I have achieved through my blog. I’m not a pro blogger or really popular but that’s not what matters to me.



I love this photo of my Sister, Dad and I at Warner Bros Studio Tour. We are all massive fans of Harry Potter (have been from the beginning) and this tour has become our yearly tradition. We have been twice already and are going this year in September.




I love this photo of how we announced my pregnancy with this baby. When my older two were born social media wasn’t around and I wasn’t particularly into social media when I was pregnant with Harry and I started my blog when he was born so we wanted to have a bit of fun this time 🙂



So there you have it! I now tag Michaela  from Two Little Paines ,Toni from Gym Bunny Mummy  and Beth from Twinderelmo  🙂

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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  1. Thanks for the tag. How cute does Harry look dinky?!

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