The Luck Uglies Review!

We love books in our family! If you look through my post’s you will see I have a whole host of book reviews and posts about my love of all things papery 🙂

I was recently sent The Luck Uglies to review….

Luck Uglies was a name whispered around the docks and darkest taverns, places the law dare not tread…

Rye has grown up hearing the legend of the Luck Uglies – notorious deadly outlaws who once stalked the streets. Now they have faded to ghosts and rumours and Rye isn’t sure they ever existed. Then on the night of the Black Moon, a mysterious stranger known only as Harmless, steps from the shadows to save Rye’s life and Rye learns that sometimes it takes a villain to save you from the monsters…

Enter a thrilling world of secrets and fantastical adventure from a phenomenal new writing talent.


I haven’t read the book myself yet so can’t give my opinion but my tween did read the book, so I’m going to let him give his view on it……


I really liked this book, Its a bit weird that a bad guy can be good and save people, its not what people would think. It was exciting and made me want to keep reading the next chapter so it didn’t take me long to read it. I love reading books and rating them so I am going to rate this book a 8 out of 10. This book Is worth looking for and reading. Thank you for giving me a chance to read it and it is very good to go on sale.


J actually read this book twice so it’s definitely a hit! even the toddler enjoyed it hehe


I think the book would be perfect for 8 to 16 year olds. I am going to read it when I get a chance because I do think it looks a good book.


If you would like to purchase this book, it’s selling for £5.99 on Amazon or £4.71 on the kindle 🙂


I was sent this book to review but all words and opinions are my own and my tweens.


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  1. sounds like a great book, my 8 year old loves to read and this sounds like a great story to add to her book shelf. thanks so much for linking up with #readwithme I have tweeted this post 🙂 x

  2. This sounds great and must be pretty good if he read it twice and rated it an 8 out of 10. :)x#readwithme

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