The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes Book Review

If you read my blog you will know that I love books and reading. I have been lucky to review quite a few books on my blog but they have all been books aimed for my children so when I was asked by Mumsnet if I would like to review The One Plus One I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get it.


One Eternal Optimist………..

Jess Thomas, with two jobs and two kids and neber enough money, wears flip flops in the hope of Spring. And whenlife knocks her down she does her best to bounce right back. But there are some challenges even she can’t meet on her own.

Plus one lost stranger…………

Ed Nicholls is the good guy gone bad. He had it all, then one stupid mistake cost him everything. Now he’ll do anything to make it right.

Equals a chance encounter……….

Ed doesn’t want to save anyone and Jess doesn’t want saving but could Jess and Ed add up to something better together?


Each chapter is written from a different characters perspective. There are four characters Jess, Ed, Nicky and Tanzin. I thought it would mess me up and make me confused (it doesn’t take much) but it blends together so well.

I don’t usually read love stories but it’s not the obvious storyline you think it’s going to be.Β It has the feel of a book based on a true story. It made me laugh in parts but also made me shed a tear at one point (or two).

I was unsure about the book when it first arrived because of the size. I thought it would take me ages because I don’t have the time these days to give it my full attention but it was an easy read and only took me a few days.

I would definitely recommend it and I’m looking forward to reading more of JoJo Moyes books.

I know this review is short but I’m not one to talk about the storyline in detail because in my opinion, it ruins the book for other readers. if iv’e read the story from someone else, I don’t want to read the book, so I chose to just give my opinion πŸ™‚



I was sent this book for the purposes of this review but all words and opinions are my own.





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  1. I had a bit of a *gulp* moment when I saw the size of the book too but got through it really quickly!

  2. emilytealady says:

    This is one on my to read list! Sounds good x

  3. I really enjoyed the book! I know what you mean about the size of the book, I think books always look longer in print than what they actually are iygwim. thanks for linking up to #readwithme I have tweeted this post x

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