The price of proms


This Friday is my daughters prom, it’s only her year 9 prom but still a prom. Because it is only her year 9 prom, we have purposely tried not to spend too much and we have said that we will spend more in a couple of years when it’s her end of school prom. I found this post from A girls world saying how the average UK prom spend is catching up with the US and I have to agree. Yes we have tried to keep costs down this time (it’s still not that cheap but we’re definitely not catching up with the US) but we have said that if she does well (the best she can) in school then we will splash out more in her next prom. But why? Why would spending more money make her have a better night? Well it wont will it? So why do we feel we need to spend so much?

I suppose primarily it’s about image. We can say we don’t care what other people think of us, but we all do to some extent. And I know my daughter certainly does. She has been none stop saying “but …. is having this” or “but I need …..” etc. We all have that want to make our children happy but that does not mean how much money we spend on them.

I have told her we will spend more but I am still going to keep costs down because her future after prom is going to be where we need to spend the money not one night of fun.

Has your child had their prom or going to have their prom? Is your overall cost the likes of the US prom or have you tried to cut down costs?


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  1. Lyn Bown says:

    Lauren’s just had her yr11 prom. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We probably spent just over £100. That’s including hair and nails being done professionally. She was able to get her dress from TKmax. It was gorgeous and a one off and only £38. Take a look at my blog post to see!! X

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