The Trampolining Competition

My teen son has been trampolining for just over a year now and his coach has been so impressed with him saying he is a natural. He is achieved so much in that year that I am incredibly proud of him.

He has entered two competitions in that year. His first one he came first and won a medal! How cool is that?

His second one was a couple of weeks ago and it was not all we thought it was going to be. This competition was far more competitive this time.

He was in a group of 12 people for his first and second routine. He was in he novice group but he was up against people that also competed in the intermediate so we were a bit miffed that it wasn’t a fair competition BUT he got enough points to take him to the next competition so I am so pleased for him and again proud.

He also did a synchronised routine with another boy and that didn’t go too well. They got a great score on their second one (31.4) but their first one only got a 6.2. We had no idea why and thought it must be wrong but my son put his foot wrong y putting one foot down before the other and not together, it was a real eye opener for us as to how challenging these competitions are.

But he got the points he needed, he got a medal for competing and we had a good day so we have taken the day as experience and are ready for the next one.

This is the routine that got him the points he needed 🙂


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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow that’s amazing! And it looks like fun! Well done on the medal, I can tell you are very, very proud and rightly so! #LoundNProud xx

  2. That’s absolutely fantastic, well done! Lots of luck for the next competition. Thank you for linking up with #LoudnProud x

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