The trouble with sofa’s!

We have needed new sofa’s for a while now as the two we had were not enough for us all to sit on, were uncomfortable and stained really quickly. So we saved some money and decided to look around.

OH works for Tesco so we had a look on their website as he would get 10% off. We found a corner sofa and a matching 3 seater on sale and this week only OH has 20% off so we bought them. It left us with no money but it was a good offer. We spent two days decorating the whole front room and clearing it ready.

The morning of the delivery came (Wednesday) and we got up and dressed early as they was supposed to come between 7am and 10.15am.

9am and I get a call to say they have been damaged and they wont be delivered. I was totally gutted!

I called Tesco and they said that the courier had cancelled the order so I would have to re order them to get them re delivered so I said OK and was told they would be delivered Friday.

I waited a while and hadn’t received an email with the confirmation so I called Tesco again.

I was told that they had not been re ordered because the sofa’s had been discontinued! He explained that the person before had obviously lied to me. I asked what the damage was on them because if it wasn’t much I would be happy to still have them but they said they didn’t know and couldn’t find out. I agreed to have a refund as there was nothing else they could do for me.

I then called the courier company to ask them myself what the damage was, hoping I may still be able to have the sofa’s. They informed that it was a bit damaged but they also had only received half of the order from Tesco! Tesco’s had not mentioned any of this to me.

I have spoken to Tesco on the phone and through social media and all they have said is sorry and my comments have been noted. How does that help me?

So now Iv’e got to wait for a refund from them that can take up to 7 days before I can order anything else because that is all the money we had.

We’ve looked around and we can’t afford a corner sofa and a three piece anywhere else.

So we are left with nothing to sit on until we save lots more and order from somewhere else. It could be months yet!

I am so disgusted at Tesco. Iv’e explained this situation to them and they have not tried to help me at all. In fact they sound like they generally don’t care.

I called them when the kids had gone bed to ask to speak to a manager. I explained to her that I have been lied to by Tesco and now expected to put up with nothing. After a long conversation she tried to re order me the corner sofa and two seater (instead of three) not what I wanted but I felt I had no choice. She said that she would order them for me and we could pay it when our refund had gone in our bank (how kind of them, not giving me it for free) I pointed out that you expect me to pay for the small sofa at the same price but she said when I pay she would organise a small gesture for my inconvenience.
I got a call a few minutes later saying they tried to order and the two seater was now out of stock and discontinued! She asked me to look at the website tonight and see if there is an alternative and she will call me at 10am in the morning. The only alternative I can see is £1000 more than my original sofas, I can’t afford them! What to do?


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3 Responses to The trouble with sofa’s!

  1. clairetiptop says:

    that’s awful 🙁

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    It really is awful! I hope you get something sorted soon! x

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