The Working Parents’ Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Children

Realeased 4th October 2016

• A unique guide specifically for busy working parents by a reformed Tiger Dad

• Includes a 5-week program and fast, troubleshooting guide for the Top 20 parenting challenges.

• Explains how leadership skills acquired at work can also transform family life

In almost 50% of two-parent families in Britain, both parents now work*. All working parents want the time they spend with their children to really count, but the juggling act of work and childcare can put huge pressure on family life and result in parents feeling confused and even in conflict with each other about the best way to raise their children. The Working Parents Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Children addresses these issues by showing parents how the common-sense skills they already use at work – such as teamwork, effective communication and forward-planning – can also radically improve their family lives.

Based on the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience, The Working Parents’ Guide is a short manual with fast, practical tools to overcome the most common parenting challenges including how to get out of the house in the morning without arguments or bribes, how to address back-talking and how to make the most of quality time together. Two invaluable appendices for busy working parents include a 5-week program to transform family life and a quick troubleshooting guide for the Top 20 parenting challenges. Nadim’s philosophy of ‘strategic, conscious parenting’ also helps parents to focus on the bigger picture in times of stress. He sees parenting as equipping the future generation with the emotional intelligence and leadership skills to be successful, world citizens. As Nadim says, “My strong belief is that if we endeavour to raise children who are better prepared for the world, then we can also help to make the world become a better place.”

This is a great book for working parents that may have that guilt and worry that we all get. A great practical guide full of easy to apply tips!

There is also a free download of his previous book, Raising Confident Kids which was number one on Amazon. 

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