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We were recently asked if we would like to trial play the new Thunderbirds are go mobile app. International Rescue, an official game based on the hugely popular television series. The game is available to download for free on the App Store and on Google Play worldwide. Harry really enjoyed this game. I had to help him read the storyline but the challenges he was able to do alone.

The Thunderbirds Are Go television series, which airs in over 40 markets, follows a family of highly trained responders: brothers John, Virgil, Scott, Alan and Gordon Tracy, as they venture around the world to save those in peril. International Rescue answers the distress call from their secret island base and travels to the target within minutes using their remarkable cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles. The series has attracted a new younger generation of fans while paying homage to the original, ground-breaking original series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson that first launched on screens in 1965.

Aimed at 6-11 year olds, Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue begins with Virgil Tracy in the Arctic after International Rescue receives a distress call from a scientific research base. The game gives fans the opportunity to play as Virgil in a bid to complete life-saving rescues, with support from John Tracy and lead engineer Brains. Granted exclusive access to a range of advanced rescue vehicles, players are tasked with saving the day one mission at a time using their problem-solving skills and creativity.

In true Kuato Studios style, the game combines a fun, adventurous world with exciting activities carefully designed to promote storytelling, literacy and creative development. Kuato’s patented TalesMaker engine allows players to recreate adventures from their Mission Logs throughout the day and then share these stories with family and friends. Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue also includes a dyslexic-friendly font and a controlled gameplay time limit that allows

parents to monitor their child’s game sessions.


● Become the hero and help Virgil Tracy tackle perilous disaster missions

● Fly Thunderbird 2 around the frozen tundra performing daring rescues

● Test your navigational skills as you race to save the day in the Ski Pod

● Use your creativity and problem-solving to hack computer systems and recover top secret items

● Relive your adventures in the Mission Log – choose your words to create your own story and share

with friends and family

● New characters, vehicles and missions coming soon!

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