Toilet training and our journey

3 year old

When we talked about potty training with Harry, he didn’t want to know. So we put it off and put it off. We tried the odd time but we were not consistent so I just never happened.

When he turned 3 we knew it was about time we gave it a proper go. harry was still not at all interested and gave up a bit of a fight but we remained consistent and eventually it all just started go as it should.

We have been doing it almost a month now and we have wee’s down apart from the odd accident which is to be expected.

Poo’s are a little trickier and he usually tries to save it for his nappy at night. And he has done it in his pants. But last week he did poo on the toilet so it’s progress, we now know he can do it!

Aside from the poo and the odd accidents, I am still really proud of him because as dramatic as it sounds we honestly thought he never would do it. We thought if he did it would be just before he went to school next year.

We now don’t panic when we have to go out because more than anything we feel more prepared now and we’ve started to recognise the signs of him needing to go and 9/10 he does tell us that he needs a wee.

He has even started to not want a nappy at night and 6/10 his nappy is dry in the morning so we might try and give night time a go soon.

I can’t believe how good he has been with it. I am so proud of my little man 🙂




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4 Responses to Toilet training and our journey

  1. That’s brilliant! Potty training can be so stressful, so I’m glad he’s got it sussed. So many kids leave poos for longer than wees – my eldest was six months later and it was hard work!

  2. Amanda says:

    Sounds like he’s doing really well, potty training can be such a stressful time!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Well he certainly looks chuffed to bits with himself and so he should be! It’s a journey the whole potty training thing isn’t it? Very glad I’m out of it!

  4. Ooh I remember poo all over the loo walls once where he’s started in his pants by accident and was trying to pull them off. Put me off nutella for ages! 😉 Well done to your LO. When they’re ready it works as well as this so it’s good you waited 🙂

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