Trendy Tot Thursday 14/8/14

This week visited a garden centre and had a lovely family lunch and really enjoyed the day. Harry’s outfit there was a lovely one. It was so bright and really suited him.



The trousers are a birthday present. They are from F&F at Tesco, I think around £8

The top we bought him for £1 in the Tesco sale 🙂



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6 Responses to Trendy Tot Thursday 14/8/14

  1. That top is lush! Can’t believe its Tescos or that you got it for a quid

  2. What a fab bargain outfit and so bright too! Loving meeting you last week, shame we missed Harry. #TT_Thursday

  3. Great outfit! I see you got a £1 bargain too! Harry is so cute x

  4. LOVE the bright top on him! Soooo cute! Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday x

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