Trendy Tot Thursday

This is an old photo of Harry but I was looking in my TimeHop the other day and came across this photo. I love this outfit and I chose to use it because this was one year ago but Harry still has both the tights and top in his wardrobe because they both still fit him 🙂

The tights are from Slugs & Snails and the top was from KynaBoutique I cant remember the price but I think they were something like £13 each.

The Bib is a FunkyGiraffe bib. He no longer wears bibs though.





Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

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4 Responses to Trendy Tot Thursday

  1. Tina Holmes says:

    Love the slugs and snails tights they are great. Love the trendy outfit.

  2. Arwwwww, Baby Harry!! Well done for getting a tshirt to last a year on a young un’! The Slugs&Snails I’m not surprised still fit, they are a brilliant fit item, I’m fairly confident Leah will be wearing hers still next Winter which will be something of a miracle with my rapidly growing kidlets! Thank you for sharing x

  3. Awww! Soooooo cute! We loved funky giraffe bibs too!

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