Trendy Tot Thursday 21/8/14

For the first time ever in this linky, I am going to use all 3 children’s outfits 🙂

We visited a farm park yesterday and all three of them looked lovely (in their own special ways) they didn’t all wear particularly what I would choose but they didn’t look awful hehe


All Jordan’s clothes are from Tesco’s, I can’t remember the prices apart from the trainers, they had gone down to £4 in the sale, bargain!

Courtney’s top is from new look and has been mentioned before, it was £3 in the sale.
Her cardigan and leggings are from Tesco, I can’t remember the prices(I have no idea why she rolls up her leggings, she does it with all of them. Another phase she’s going through haha) Her Adidas trainers were brand new, I spotted them in the charity shop for £3, I nearly peed myself 🙂

Harry’s leggings are Slugs and Snails from Kynaboutique priced at £13 and the top is from next and it was £6

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5 Responses to Trendy Tot Thursday 21/8/14

  1. Loving the bargains, I love charity shops I find some amazing bargains in them too. I do love Courtney’s cardigan tho but they all look great x

  2. Great bargains. Courtney’s cardigan is fab,

  3. Love the posing. Funny thing with the leggings, but each to their own. Great bargain…I never find anything for N in charity shops apart from books, and even those aren’t far off the £3 you paid for the trainers!

  4. ClearlyBex says:

    Gotta love the bargains! A great photo of your kids too, thank you for linking up #TT_Thursday

  5. Hooray for bargains!! LOVE C’s cardigan in particular! I used to roll up my trackie bottoms when I was C’s age. I had long legs and they usually looked too short anyways so I rolled them up so it looked deliberate haha! Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday x

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