Trendy Tot Thursday

Harry has been going to nursery for a couple weeks now but we have just bought him the uniform. He looks s cute! But also makes me sad, I don’t want him to have a uniform yet.





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6 Responses to Trendy Tot Thursday

  1. Arwwww bless. Its just made me realise I will need to buy Leah her nursery uniform when she moves up… I just cant remember if she’ll move up at Easter or in September. Lovely, looks so grown up now xx #TT_Thursday

  2. We have red optional uniform at both of our nurseries too. N’s older though – at his day nursery only the preschool room have the uniform to get them feeling a bit more ready for school. His nursery school he had uniform when he started as his cousin passed on his old jumpers. They do look sweet in it (but I’m not keen on some of N’s online friends who’re only 3 but already in proper school uniform at their pre-schools

  3. oh I’m so torn on it – they do look incredibly cute, but I think its sad that they spend so much of their lives in uniform and I wouldn’t want to start that sooner than I have to…

  4. Awww he looks so cute but I agree he’s too little. I remember when I got olivia her nursery uniform she looked like a baby playing dress up for school

  5. Aww! I still haven’t put Sam’s on him. I’m in denial hehe!! #TT_Thursday

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