Trendy Tot Thursday

Last week my SIL gave my MIL a load of her son’s 2-3 year old clothes (he should of been out of them a year or ago really) and my MIL asked if there is anything we wanted before she took it all to the charity shop. We actually came out with more than she was taking to the charity shop 🙂 we got a few tops and jumpers, a couple of vests and loads of pyjamas! Just what Harry needed 🙂

He hasn’t worn much recently because we are trying to get ready for holiday.

We did go out the other day though and I love the outfit he wore

Top is from SIL

Jeans are from next £13

Boots are from George at Asda £12.50



Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

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3 Responses to Trendy Tot Thursday

  1. Oh it is so handy when you have family that have older kids isn’t it! We got loads of stuff from my husbands sister when our lil one was 0-6m – but not anymore though, as they only have boys, and the clothes just are too boyish for our lil princess to wear 🙂

  2. Its always brilliant when bags of clothes are passed on, unfortunately with both kids we have never been that lucky to have clothes passed onto us… purely my kids are older and bigger than friends children. Love Harry’s top #TT_Thursday xx

  3. Aww! He looks so cute! #TT_Thursday

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