Trendy Tot Thursday

We were on holiday last week so the kids looked pretty nice everyday. We struggle with the older two because they dress themselves so have their own styles that are not particularly my style. But Harry we do dress and we choose what he wears, that’s why these posts are usually filled up with him, but this week I am going to give my favourite outfits of the week from all 3 kids 🙂



Harry wore lots of lovely outfits all week that I loved but he looked the cutest thing in his swimsuit. Its sully from Monsters Inc. I think it was from F&F at Tesco and was around £12




This is the best photo I could find of his outfit that didn’t include strangers. His whole outfit is from F&F at Tesco.

The top was £6

The acid wash skinny jeans (yes they are skinny but trousers have always buried him, I refuse to buy a smaller size) £8

And the shoes were in the sale at £4




This is not really my favourite but I can’t deny, she does look beautiful.

The dress is from New Look that she got in the sale last year so no idea how much it was. It is a tight dress that comes down to her ankles but she chooses to fold it up so it’s short. I don’t like this length of dress but at least she’s making the most out of her clothes 🙂 I’m also not a fan of the red lipstick but if you tell her that she turns into Kevin from The Harry Enfield Show so we just leave her to it.



Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

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6 Responses to Trendy Tot Thursday

  1. David Ball says:

    Your kids usually look pretty smart apart from Jordan’s sock! Phew!

  2. great pics x
    hope you had a good time xx

  3. Gorgeous photos off all your kids, loving Harry’s swimsuit and WOW how much older does Courtney look?! Her dress is lovely. #TT_Thursday

  4. Aww! They all look FAB! C looks so grown up! I used to do the exact same thing with dresses when I was 13 – except I did it once I’d left the house to spare my folks the hernia! #TT_Thursday

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