Trendy tot Thursday week 2

These week I have had to get Harry’s 2-3 years clothes in his wardrobe. I’m very sad because he not yet two but I’m also excited because I have bought him some gorgeous pieces, including this outfit he wore yesterday


The shorts are from f&f at tesco and the t shirt is from Boden

If you would like to join in head over to Clearlybex or TheMotherGeek

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3 Responses to Trendy tot Thursday week 2

  1. Mothergeek says:

    Aww he looks so cool! Proper little dude in this outfit! Love the top especially! Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  2. Whatta cool dude!! At least now having Harry in this new age wardrobe means you won’t have to clothes shop as often… I am so pleased Leah can still fit in primark clothes, for now! Thank you for linking up x

  3. He looks fab in this outfit! I used to hate when Olivia out grew her outfits when she was this age! Shes still just as bad now xx

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