Utility Room Renovation Before

So we currently have a really large utility room area. But it’s in an awful state. It’s basically a brick building attached to the house and can be accessed via the back door from the kitchen. It has a door at each end, one to the back garden, one to the front of the house. It’s a really great space but at the moment it’s cold and full of spiders and leaks (especially around the loo). None of us enjoy using it but it’s an area we can’t avoid because it’s the only way to get to the back garden and of course our fridge freezer, washing machine and dryer are in there. Also the loo is handy when you don’t want to go upstairs or someone is using the other one.

We have big plans for this area but it’s a big project that’s going to take months. One because our budget can’t do it all in one go and Tom has to do it in between work.

So here it is at the moment…

Told you it was awful. Stay tuned for an after coming your way soon (ish).

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