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I don’t usually do these and I’m not sure why because Tom and I have always given each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. This year Tom’s working (he works nights) so it’s just going to be like any other normal day so we like to make it special with gifts. They are never anything expensive but just little tokens of love. I thought I’d write a gift guide for people that want to give a lovely gift without spending a fortune.

  • Boomf They have yummy personalised marshmallows
    PrezzyBox have some amazing gifts for all ages.
    BakerDays have a great selection of valentines cakes. I know I’d be happy with parcel of cake!
    Cake Card are fab. It’s a card with slices of cake inside. You can customise it as much as you want to.
    Bloom & Wild have beautiful bouquets of flowers. And I know it’s lovely to personally give flowers but there is something special about receiving some in the post.
    Jewellery Box have some beautiful pieces of jewellery. I have a necklace from them that I wear everyday.
    IWOOT have some awesome gifts. I love shopping here for unique gifts. The 3 for £20 is fab!

Do you use any of these places? What are you hoping for this valentines?

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