Vital Baby Nurture Health and Safety Kit


Nurture™ Baby Health & Safety Kit includes:

• Digital Bath and Room Thermometer
• FlexiSafe® Thermometer
• Nasal Decongester
• Made from safe Phthalate free, Latex free and BPA free materials

This handy baby health & safety kit comes in a hygienic case and includes: Nasal Decongester • Clears baby’s blocked nose quickly and effectively with a gentle squeeze • Easy to hold base and ‘wings’ give ultimate control • Soft silicone tip • Perfectly sized for adult hands and little noses Digital Room & Bath Thermometer • 2-in-1 design – monitors both room and bath water temperature • Accurate, fast and reliable digital measurement • Clear, large, easy-to-read LCD screen • Fun teddy bear design • Safe – phthalate, Latex and BPA free FlexiSafe® Thermometer • Safe and easy to use for all the family • 3-in-1 design means it is suitable for oral, underarm or rectal use and any time of the day or night • Fast, reliable and accurate results • Built-in memory function will help keep track of body temperature changes over the course of the day.
This pack has been fantastic for us and I would say if you have someone who is due soon, buy them one of these! I would have loved to be given this as a gift.
Our heating packed up recently so it was freezing in the house and as we had a newborn and a preschooler in the house we had to use little electric heaters. As we had the room thermometer in the room, we could see when the temperature was right and the heaters could be turned down a bit to keep the room at the right temperature because we didn’t want it to overheat.

We have all been poorly so the flexisafe thermometer has been great to keep an eye on the children’s temperature. And it fits perfectly in the changing bag for out and about.

The best thing in the pack has been the nasal decongester because poor Jack has had a snotty nose since he was born but this has been fantastic! There is not a single day we haven’t used it in his 7 weeks of life. He can be really grumpy but as soon as we get all the snot out, he is relaxed again. The other day he was really struggling through a feed but as soon as I used this, he actually fell asleep. Imagine if you had a cold and couldn’t blow your nose, it would be awful.

I would 100% recommend this kit to anyone, I give it a 10/10. You can buy the kit from the Vital baby  website for £16.99 or the items can be purchased separately.

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