Ways to have the perfect Christmas on a budget! 

I’m writing this is the hope I can help a few people. All of these I do myself and it helps us to have a great Christmas without the stress of no money come January. 
I hate when people moan about the shops selling Christmas things in September because you may see it as being too early but sadly not everyone can afford to just get everything in Nov/Dec! 

So here are my top tips to help save you money. Basically my biggest tip is to start in January. Here’s why…

  • Buy presents in the January sales. Not all the presents you need, just a few. Write down in a notepad or diary a list of who you have to buy for and then you can mark them off as you buy so no over buying. 
  • Buy items in the summer sales too. Again follow your list so you don’t get items you don’t need.
  • Start collecting supermarket saving stamps (I usually buy CO-OP’s) you can buy all your Christmas food with these.
  • Start collecting points on your certain cards (I collect Boots points and Tesco Clubcard points) and use them in Oct/Nov/Dec for presents/food/wrap
  • As soon as the shops start selling Christmas sweets, buy 1/2 items a week/month you will have plenty by the time Dec arrives 

That’s it! It can be a little hard work at first but you soon get into doing it and come Christmas you’re so happy you put the effort in 🙂 

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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12 Responses to Ways to have the perfect Christmas on a budget! 

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Great advice. I do quite a few of these things already. I shop in the January sales and end up giving the things to my girls for their birthdays in August & Sept. lol
    Half of my Christmas food shop is paid for already with the clubcard points that I saved from Tesco. Hooray x

  2. Such good tips – I say every November/December that I’ll be more organised next year, yet manage not to be! Hopefully I can pick up some bargains in the sales xx

  3. Rachel says:

    Love this! I always plan to get presents early on in year but never do it. I will get prepared for next year though. Always manage to pay for most of my christmas food with clubcard points though x

  4. I always buy wrapping paper and cards in February as I tend to get a pack for about 20p as they just want them gone!

  5. Some great ideas here 🙂 I usually get all my wrapping paper and cards in the sales – and often a few presents too! xx

  6. I was very good at buying gifts in the sales but our holiday threw me off this year. I just didn’t want to think about Christmas until we got home. I never buy cards in January as the few times I have I always forget I had them ;0)

  7. Lyndsay says:

    Ooh some really fab tips there, I had no idea supermarkets even did saving stamps, I’ll have to look into that. Christmas is always so expensive when you add it all up!

  8. Love these ideas, really helpful. I told myself I’d buy for christmas in January sales last year and got totally side tracked, but this year I’m determined to! x

  9. The summer sales tip is a great idea! Or if you can go one step further the January sales the year before! I bought 10 Christmas Jumpers (yes, 10) for my toddler on January 2nd last year for £2 each! I wish I’d thought to do the same for presents!

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