Ways to save money when planning a wedding

As you probably all know now, Tom and I are getting married in April 2020. We decided that we didn’t want to have a massive expensive wedding because that’s not us and honestly we couldn’t afford one.

As we started to book things we realised that planning a wedding really can be costly, even if you try and cut costs. So I tried to find ways to save money and I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Ask family/friends if they could help in any way. Not money wise but can any bake your cake, make invites or make your bouquet? They could either charge you a lot less or do it as a wedding present.
  2. Can you make anything yourself? It really cuts costs.
  3. Have you thought about having your venue at a restaurant or village hall? They’re a lot cheaper and can be made just as nice.
  4. Use eBay or amazon for the your shoes, gifts, decorations, invites or favours. You can find some real bargains.
  5. Take a look at some high street shops for your dress/suit there are some lovely ones around and they are much cheaper than a wedding boutique.
  6. Have any of your friends/family got a really nice car? Wedding cars can be so expensive and if your journey is short, is it really worth it?
  7. Can your friends/family take good photos? My lovely friend Sarah at A Mundane Life has offered to be my photographer which has saved us so much money.

I can’t think of anything else. Do you have any other ways to save money?

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  1. we just got married two weeks ago and we tried to cut costs on some things so we could spend on the things that mattered to us. I got my wedding shoes for £3.50 on ebay brand new as Rainbow Club (a wedding shoe company) have an ebay shop. I also made our own table plan and place settings and sweet table (Makro online is so cheap for tubs of sweets) and Home Bargains sell glass jars and sweet scoops really cheap. So exciting planning a wedding I hope you enjoy every moment of it as it goes so fast xx

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