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On Wednesday 27th November Myself, OH, Sister, Step-Mum and Dad went to WB Studio Tour London The Making Of Harry Potter all I said for most of the day was “amazing!” I had the most amazing (there is that word again) day. My sister (Emma) and I were like little schoolgirls. We squealed and we didn’t care who was watching! We did things we never thought we would ever do like

Sit in the Flying Ford Anglia


Stand on the Knight bus 


And Stand in front of Privet Drive 


If you are a big Harry Potter fan (like we are) then I definitely recommend it. 

This was our faces for the whole day…



We had such a great time that I will never forget it! We went when it was Hogwarts in the snow, which made it even more magical!

We drank butterbeer which tastes rather nice but a little sickly. And we rode broomsticks! That was so much fun.

And to top off the day I have to say the Staff were brilliant! Every time we had a question (we had lots) it was answered with a smile and with great knowledge. But I have to say my favorite was a man named Stephen. He has worked on the set for 5 years so met all of the cast and crew. He told us a few stories (all good) and it was so fascinating (he bought us all to tears at one point) I could of sat there for hours just listening to him.

I took hundreds of photos but Iv’e only put a few on here for two reasons 1) The photos just don’t do the place justice, it is so much more amazing in the flesh. And 2) Its a secret! If you wish to see it all then you should go yourself! 🙂


This is not a sponsored post! I just had a magical time and wanted to share it! 

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