Reading up on weaning and i think a new book needs to be made because Harry is nothing like it says in the books!

Firstly they say at the beginning that its more just about getting them used to new textures and to try with just a couple of spoonfuls.

I don’t think Harry got that memo because from the very first spoonful he was hooked! He didn’t spit a single bit out and he wanted a lot more than a couple of spoonfuls.

Secondly they say you will start to notice what they like and don’t like.

Ha! Ive not found a single thing harry doesn’t like.

He is also 6 1/2 months with no teeth but is already on lumpy food which is supposedly for 7+ months.

He also starting weaning way before 6 months.

So far we have tried him on:





tomato sauce (not ketchup)

spaghetti Bolognese




fruity porridge



fruit pots



spaghetti in tomato sauce

scrambled egg

He has also nibbled on our dinners which have consisted of lots of different meats, veg, sauces etc. I’m making a beef stew tonight so he is going to have some of that, which I know he will love.

He has also been treated to crisps and milky bar chocolate. 🙂


Harry chilling after breakfast! 



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