What a difference! 

When we re decorated our kitchen and bathroom I knew exactly what I wanted, apart from one thing… What to put on the windows!

There is so much around to dress windows. Blinds, curtains, voiles, nets and then a million different variations of each one! It’s so confusing! I just knew we had to choose something soon because you really don’t realise how much you enjoy having something there, until it’s gone. The bathroom has frosted glass and the back garden (looking out from the kitchen window) is private, so initially I thought we didn’t need anything there. But when you come downstairs in the early hours or late at night, it’s creepy! The amount of times I scared myself with my reflection is embarrassing.

We finally decided that blinds would be the way forward but it took us ages to choose some. When we finally did my OH put them straight up. I honestly did not expect them to make as much of a difference as they have. I love them! We loved the rooms as they were without them but now they absolutely transform the rooms! They open the rooms up and oddly make them feel brighter. I don’t know how, they just have 🙂

I now would like blinds throughout the whole house. Having a look around and I stumbled upon VELUX  They have some beautiful blinds and my personal favourites are the ones I would like to put in the boys room….. Disney blinds! Yes you heard right, Disney. They’re so lovely and will set off their room perfectly!

We’re definitely thinking of black out blinds for the bedrooms too because as the nights are getting lighter, it is getting harder to get the kids to bed (as every parent will know)

What do you have in your rooms? Do you prefer blinds, curtains etc or a mix?




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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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