What’s in the boys Christmas Eve boxes

So I’m not usually big on the whole Christmas Eve box because I think they can be a bit too competitive between parents and it sort of takes the joy out of it. But I’m not interested in being ‘the best’ and when what I have put in the boxes, I give the boys every year anyway, I just thought maybe this year it would be nice to put in a cheap box because I like the idea of the boys having a little treat before the madness of the big day.

So the box was from Wilko and was about £1.50

And inside we have….

An activity book (this is more for Harry) (Aldi) and some chocolate coins (Wilko)

A bag of Aldi popcorn, some play snow (garden centre) and a hot wheels car each (Aldi)

A pair of Grinch socks each (Primark), A mini Elf Mug each (Next) and a hot chocolate sachet each (Tesco)

I think that’s plenty. Something to wear (they already have Christmas pjs from last year), something to eat, something to drink and something to play.

Do you have Christmas Eve boxes? What do you put inside?

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