When I was pregnant….

When I was pregnant I thought?
Iv’e started this with when I was pregnant I thought? because I thought lots of things and they were all Optimistic and a bit bloody naive. As I already have two children I thought quite practically and in a way that is good but it also was a bit stupid. Here’s why……
I thought harry only needs the basics in clothing, no point wasting money (I am always shopping for new clothes, they are just so cute!)
I don’t need an expensive nappy bag, it’s only for putting baby’s stuff in and it will probably get puke/pee/poo etc on it. (Went to get harry weighed and was the only one with a cheapo bag. Shouldn’t bother me, but has)
There were lots of things I thought I didn’t need but actually did. 
I didn’t want toys in the front room, only the play room. (My living room looks like a bomb of toys exploded in there!) 
I was going to get fit really quick, having to log a baby about and go for lovely walks together. (I want to get my housework done or sleep when harry sleeps or most days just cant be arsed) 
I thought I am happy I have everything I need and want, why would I feel low or down ( didn’t bet on those bloody hormones did I?)
I wouldn’t read baby books or Google things for advice, but I do.
There are lots of things I thought would happen as ive done it before that were very niave, but actually have happened, But that is just pure luck! Harry is a very good baby, he sleeps all through the night, he hardly ever cries, he naps through the day, hes not a sicky baby etc but these are just because that is the way harry is, I dont think its anything I have done or because ive already had babies. x

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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