Why I hate the term threenager! 


I really hate the word threenager. People use it to say their 3 year old is acting like a teenager but if you actually had a teenager, you would see this term is just ridiculous! You may think your 3 year old is really hard work but believe me, when you actually have a teenager you will be wishing they were that tantruming 3 year old again. Honestly! Here’s why….

  1. Your three year old having tantrums? Answering back? Being difficult? Well picture that but in almost adult size! Your easy to pick up 3 year old won’t seem so difficult then.
  2. Ever wondered where your 3 year old is? Of course you have,  while playing hide and seek or maybe for a few minutes while out shopping because they ran off. Well imagine a game of hide and seek that lasted for hours and they weren’t confined to the house but the whole world!
  3. Ever hid in the kitchen, toilet, cupboard to quickly gulp that chocolate bar down? Well you don’t need to find a hiding place with a teenager because the chocolate bar would have been pinched and eaten before you get to it.
  4. Get lots of washing with your 3 year old? Hahahahahahahahaha you have NO idea! Teenagers give you twice as much washing because they put out their dirty clothes but also their clean washing that you washed, ironed and folded because they can’t either 1)  bothered to put it away or 2) no longer like or no longer fits but they don’t tell you, just continue to put it in the wash basket.
  5. Hate Peppa Pig? You will soon love it after watching teen’s programmes. Awful YouTube videos for hours and hours of people playing video games whilst shouting or supposedly funny clips that are as far from funny as you could get!

Seriously so many people say to me that it must be so much easier to parent the teens than it is the 3 year old and newborn but in fact the teens are a lot harder!

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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4 Responses to Why I hate the term threenager! 

  1. I’m absolutely dreading the teen phase – especially with twin girl divas!!!

  2. Ha love this Sharon. Omg what is it with teenagers putting clean clothes in the washing. My son does this nearly every week with his karate suit, as he can’t be bothered to hang it up. Does he know what a pain it is to iron a karate suit. Yep the teenage years are totally blissful and not stressful in the slightest…… said no one ever x

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