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Have you had a child’s birthday come up and have no idea what to get them because you don’t have a child that age/gender or you did have but times and interests have changed? Yes me too. Wicked Uncle can help with that. On there website they have a fantastic range of toys and gifts and even better, with a simple click on their website you can choose age and gender and all the items for that age group are listed! So if you’re unsure what to get, just pick something of the list in your price range and it’s likely it will be greeted happily 🙂


And everything is really reasonably priced. I have 4 children and was given a limit of £40 to choose some items and I was unsure I could get all four something 1) because I wasn’t sure that would be enough and 2) because their ages are so varies but all 4 did get something.

Teen daughter got a nano light for her room


Teen son got a puzzle. He loves it and has spent hours playing it.


Harry got a ladybird world kit (this made his year)


And Jack got a touch and feel puzzle. He’s too young to play with it at the moment but he will love this in a few months. Harry has played with it though and likes it.


Another thing I really love is you can also get it sent directly to the child you’re buying for so great if you don’t live near them. Wicked Uncle have an option to add gift wrap (from lots of lovely designs) for £2.95 for the first gift and £1.50 for each additional gifts so it makes sense to get a few at once.

And you can also add a gift card, again from lots of designs for an additional £1.95 so you really don’t have to go to several shops, it’s all in one place, brilliant!

Or you can add a gift tag which is free!


Gilbert is his pet ladybird 

They also come with a postcard for the children to thank you for their gifts.


I highly recommend the site and I know that I will be using it in future as it will be perfect for my niece and nephews that live a couple of hours away from me. The site was really easy to navigate, easy to order and my items came really quickly, everything you want from a site.


*We were given £40 to purchase some items from the website to review the website but all opinions are honest and my own.





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  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Some seriously awesome toys here, I must have a look on this site!

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